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iFixit now also has Apple Watch Wallpapers

H years ago iFixit has a habit of making available wallpapers For iPhones and iPads with the bowels of the devices this is an image that reflects exactly what the user would find if he tore off the screen of the device, to give the whole thing an industrial air. Now, the repair firm's people decided to go beyond that: for the first time, we also have wallpapers from the bowels of the Apple watch!

We have wallpapers for Apple Watches Series 5, 4 and 3 Specifically speaking, the images refer to the larger watch models (42mm in the Series 3, or 44mm in the following models), but they will work perfectly on the smaller versions, too.

In addition to the wallpaper of the internal structure, we also have, as usual, the X-ray image of the devices, for a more ghostly air.

To turn your chosen image into a dial on your watch, simply save it to the iPhone connected to the Apple Watch in question, and then open it in the Photos app. L, tap the share button and select the “Create Display” option; Finally, simply customize the dial the way you want and tap the "Add" button so that it already appears on your watch.

Enjoy! 😀

via 9to5Mac