Dismount iPad Air 3 from iFixit

iFixit: new iPad Air is almost the same as the late 10.5-inch iPad Pro

THE iFixit do not stop. After the new AirPods and the iPad mini of fifth generation, the company has already published its dismantling of the recently launched 10.5-inch iPad Air – and, to the surprise of a few, he discovered that a good part of the internal components of the new model are inherited directly from the old iPad Pro of the same dimensions.

According to iFixit professionals, the “non-Pro” line of iPads has become something of a Frankenstein: the pieces are basically a mix of components and designs used in previous versions of iPad Pro, but unfortunately, many of the best things from the more expensive line (such as modularity, the 120Hz ProMotion screen and tabbed batteries for easy removal) did not make the trip for the cheaper layers of the family.

On the new iPad Air, specifically, the only notable elements that it loses compared to the late 10.5-inch iPad Pro are the speaker quartet surround (now there are only two) and the most advanced camera module – which, at least, frees the device from the dreaded bouncing lens. The logic board is located at the center of the device, unlike older Air models.

Dismount iPad Air 3 from iFixit

The new model, code A2152, has a two-cell, 30.8Wh battery – the same as the old iPad Pro. The battery connector remains attached underneath the logic board, which makes disconnecting the component and repairing it much more complex than necessary. The Lightning door, in turn, is soldered to the plate, which is also a very negative point.

Dismount iPad Air 3 from iFixitLogic board of the new tablet

Ultimately, iFixit gave the new iPad Air a “repairability” rating 2 in 10 possible points, criticizing the huge amounts of adhesive that make opening the tablet a complicated process and the aforementioned difficulty of replacing the battery. Attracted praise, however, the fact that you can handle all the screws on the device with a simple small Philips screwdriver.

Above you can see a complete video of teardown.