iFixit gets its hands on the Magic Mouse: “Open up, sesame!”

iFixit gets its hands on the Magic Mouse: “Open up, sesame!”

So, ready to see the magic behind this one that could become Apple's redemption in terms of mice? On the subject, as, as always, the iFixit people came to our rescue to expose the darkest dark details of what makes our favorite gadgets work.

To begin with, magic words do not open a Magic Mouse: the absurd amount of glue that joins its parts is improper to the hidden. However, some very interesting details stand out: the translucent multi-touch plastic surface of the mouse (mods involving LEDs in 3, 2, 1), its aluminum part weighs less than 10 grams and, speaking of mass, the AA batteries that serve as fuel for magic add up to 47g (almost half of the mouse's 100g).

The sensors that cover almost the entire internal surface of the mouse go to the Apple logo: space to make gestures until tired. You can also feel the magic in the fact that, while the brain of an ordinary mouse weighs about 0.4g, that of the Magic Mouse is a true evolutionary leap, at the 9g mark (this makes it the Homo sapiens sapiens computer mice).

Above, you see everything that makes the Magic Mouse work (minus AA batteries). To see the complete disassembly process at the hands of the iFixit guys (as well as a huge dictionary of magic words), just click here.

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