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IFixit doesn't stop: now the entire screen structure of the iPhone 6s has been taken apart

We already followed the original disassembly of the iPhones 6s and 6s Plus, then the iFixit reopened the devices to specifically assess their water resistance, and now the guys are back again.

Today, they decided to take apart the entire screen structure of the iPhone 6s. And here's what they found out:

  • The 3D Touch sensor housing is just behind the display panel itself and is easily separated from the backlight, LCD screen and glass digitizer.
  • The Incio button cable has been replaced by tracks on the side of the 3D Touch sensor panel, eliminating the need to transfer the cable for certain screen repairs.
  • The sensor panel itself is a grid of rectangular capacitive plates, connected to the IC controller by tiny tracks.
  • The glass of the new iPhones is a bit flexible and apparently was developed by Apple in partnership with Corning's own Gorilla Glass. With the pressure on the screen, the distance between the finger and the corresponding capacitive plate is reduced.
  • In total there are eight component layers that make up the display structure.

Very nice.