iFixit disassembles the iPad mini 4; see how it looks inside!

iFixit disassembles the iPad mini 4; see how it looks inside!

It started. Of all the hardware released by Apple in last week's keynote, only the new Apple Watch Sport colors and the iPad mini 4 have already reached the market. We know that the change in the watches was merely static, but in the tablet we do have news. And iFixit has already taken it apart for us.

Let's go to the highlights:

  • That iPad mini identified by the model A1538.
  • Compared to the iPad mini 3, the mini 4 18% thinner from 7.5mm to just 6.1mm. The rest of his design is all inspired by the iPad Air 2, including the absence of switch side to lock the screen and the single row of holes from the bottom speakers.
  • Entering the pet remains difficult as always, thanks to glues / adhesives used everywhere. The screen fused to the front glass, which makes its repair complicated and expensive.
  • The Touch ID button cable is now integrated into the display cable, just like the iPad Air 2.
  • Unlike the iPad mini 3 battery, the single cell mini 4 battery instead of two. It is also thinner, with 19.1Wh.
  • Half of the antennas on the iPad mini 4 are at the top, half at the bottom.
  • The iSight camera (rear) on the iPad mini 4 is the same as the 8 megapixel camera on the iPad Air 2. FaceTime (front) remains at just 1.2 megapixel.
  • As already confirmed, the iPad mini 4 even has 2GB of RAM.

In its “reparability” item, iFixit gave a note 2/10 for iPad mini 4.

O teardown complete can be checked here.