Apple Watch Series 3 iFixit disassembly (GPS + Cellular)

iFixit disassembles the Apple Watch Series 3 and finds a structure very similar to the Series 2

After showing the insides of the iPhones 8/8 Plus, the iFixit now revealed the internal components of the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular connectivity.

For starters, we have nothing new in the process of opening the device, which is essentially the same as the Series 2. Regarding the screen, it is exactly the same used in the previous model, but now it seems to work as a cell antenna with multi-frequency.

Apple Watch Series 3 iFixit disassembly (GPS + Cellular)

The battery in the 38mm model (GPS + Cellular) has 3.82V, 279mAh and 1.07Whr, which shows a small improvement (about 4%) compared to the Series 2 of the same size. Such a battery remains alive for 18 hours, according to Apple – we have broken down the battery numbers in this article.

In that regard, there was surprise because of the way that Apple increased the size of the battery and yet managed to fit it together with all the other components like the antenna for cellular data, radios, power amplifiers, eSIM and more – all without changing the format of the device.

Apple Watch Series 3 iFixit disassembly (GPS + Cellular)

Speaking of eSIM, it is the one marked in red in the photo (very small). Apparently, it was manufactured by ST Microelectronics and is positioned close to other RF chips that allow cellular features on the watch, as well as a Wi-Fi module from Broadcom (in orange).

Where it used to be a ventilation place, next to the microphone, now it looks like a barometric sensor. So there was a change: the air outlet is now close to the diagnostic port. But iFixit was intrigued by some things, such as the fact that Apple revealed the barometer as a novelty of this Watch, and the sensor is present in the Series 2.

Having realized this, even though new features have been added, Apple has hardly changed the physical structure of the watch, which led the folks at iFixit to think that perhaps the Series 2 was already prepared to receive this cellular connectivity.

Check out a small gallery of the disassembly:

Apple Watch Series 3 iFixit disassembly (GPS + Cellular)

Finally, the company gave the Apple Watch Series 3 the same “repairability” score as the previous generation (6 out of a possible 10 points). Even though it is very difficult, it is still possible to perform screen and battery changes, but to replace any of the cables requires a lot of micro-welding.