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iFixit disassembles new iPhones again to verify alleged water resistance

On the 25th, we published here the result of the dismantling of the new iPhones carried out by iFixit and we get to know their insides: battery, memory, 3D Touch, etc.

As soon as the crowd started putting their hands on their iPhones, on the first weekend of sales, several types of water resistance tests were carried out on them. The curious thing is that, in general, the iPhone far exceeded expectations and generated, let's say, a certain extra curiosity.

Because of this, iFixit staff dismantled the iPhones again, but this time with a focus on the device's waterproofing system. The guys detected a strip of glue that works as a joint around the inner edge of the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus, with a slight increase in thickness of 0.3mm compared to previous models.

The iFixit theory is that Apple really cared about keeping internal components out of the reach of liquids and recalled that, in March of this year, Ma patented a method of water resistance with hydrophobic coatings and silicone sealing.

It is good to make it clear that Apple did not mention this in the presentation, that is, officially the new iPhones are not resistant or waterproof. However, if your device accidentally falls into the pool or toilet, it will most likely continue to function properly.

Headache with Apple TV

Since we are talking about iFixit and its talented work in disassembling gadgets, a few days after the Apple launch event, we report here that the guys also disassembled and introduced the inside of the new Apple TV to the world. Because of that, a very curious thing happened: iFixit lost its developer account!

According to an article published on their website, Apple sent us an email stating that we violated their terms and conditions and that the developer's account would be banned. Unfortunately, the iFixit app was linked to that account and because of that the app was also removed from the store. Apple's justification was that they had taken actions that could compromise the performance or intended use of the App Store.

The good news is that iFixit is working hard to support its Android app and mobile site, but for now it won't be putting the iOS app on the air again. This would require substantial effort that they currently do not have.

What a thing, Apple