iFixit disassembles iMac Pro and hints: buy one with the sturdier GPU (the rest you can upgrade later) [atualizado: vídeo]

A few days ago, Other World Computing (OWC) had gone ahead and published a first iMac Pro.

But we can't stop covering the traditional iFixit, because the guys always bring beautiful pictures and an accurate analysis of the teardown.

By opening the machine, iFixit proved that this is not just an “iMac with a new skin”.

In fact, all of its internal components have been reconfigured to prioritize your cooling system based on a cooler double.

Before we move on, here's the iMac Pro in all its glory:

iMac Pro disassembled by iFixit

As we have already learned from the disassembly of OWC, the iMac Pro (model A1862) proved to be more modular in practice than Apple initially implied.

Open it not for anyone, but who is adventurous and has experience with it, or even who wants to upgrade it in a specialized technical assistance, can.

Three of the main components of iMac Pro are replaceable: RAM, CPU and SSD.

The GPU is out of it, so iFixit's tip to those who invest in this machine, buy it with the sturdier graphics card this is the Radeon Pro Vega 64 with 16GB of HBM2 memory ($ 600 more in the United States) , R $ 4,200 here in Brazil).

"iMac "iMac

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IFixit also noted the presence of the T2 chip, responsible for SMC functions, image processing, audio control, SSD controller, Secure Enclave and the hardware encryption mechanism.

We talk more about him in this article.

Also according to iFixit, LG's iMac Pro 5K display is exactly the same as the “normal” 27 inch iMac (model LM270QQ1).

However, due to the use of a new cable and camera changes on the iMac Pro (which Full HD 1080p), it is not possible to exchange them.

Due to the difficulty of opening iMac Pro and thus accessing its internal components, iFixit gave it a rating 3/10 “repairable” the same as the 21.5-inch iMac with 4K display.

Update 01/03/2018 s 23:29

IFixit posted today a summary of the teardown in video: