iFixit disassembles Apple Pencil and shows us the accessory's 1 gram logic board

IFixit has already disassembled the iPad Pro, but now it's time for the famous accessory many have wanted: Apple pencil.

Let's go to the highlights?

  • We already showed this in unboxing It is also easy to repeat here: next to the Pencil, there is also an adapter that turns the male connector of the pencil into a female (it fits magnetically) and an extra tip.
  • The product is baptized under model number A1603.
  • Inside the tip is a metal dot that practically touches the screen of the iPad Pro as the pencil used. Apparently this connects to one of the emitters at the tip of the accessory so that the tablet determines the angle and orientation of the pencil relative to the viewfinder to adjust the thickness of the stroke.
  • The iFixit was able to remove the connector part of the structure, but eventually broke the flexible cable ie, unlike the other products that it usually disassembles, this not to be reassembled.
  • Within the outer structure of the pencil is a cylindrical inner metal; When opening this structure, yes we can see the antenna and the battery (3.82V; 0.329Wh 5% of the battery of an iPhone 6s).
  • The 1 gram logic plate of the pencil is folded in half because of the space available inside the accessory.

The Apple Pencil (which is already sold in Brazil) earned the worst possible score (1/10) in the repairability of iFixit, after all, it is impossible to open the pencil without destroying it.