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iFixit disassembles AirPods Pro and shows that they are as ‚Äúdisposable‚ÄĚ as the originals [atualizado: v√≠deo]

The AirPods Pro have already started to reach hands of users around the world and also of course the iFixit. As usual, the company has disassembled Apple's new wireless headsets, and like the previous version, the news is not good if your little son breaks up.

Each AirPod Pro weighs 5.4 grams, slightly more than an original AirPod (4 grams). The same goes for the new refill case gadgetswhich weighs 45.6 grams well above the 38 grams of the case compatible with the first two versions of AirPods.

Regarding the battery, iFixit saw a relevant change: they went from the long design to a button shape, as the AirPods Pro don't have as big a leg as the original version. Thus, it is theoretically possible to replace them but this will be a bit of work, since this component is "stuck" to other glued parts; so if you try to touch it, it might spoil something else.

Basically, the only 100% replaceable piece of AirPods Pro is the silicone tip (which divided the opinion of users). Still, the erasers use a custom design that makes them incompatible with any third-party model that forces dozens of manufacturers to create new options under Apple's mold, of course.

AirPods Pro Rubber

Similarly, the AirPods Pro's recharge case may have changed its design, but it is as complex as the previous version to be disassembled and repaired. The only exception is that the case now has two battery modules against one of the original AirPods' case.

The fact that the AirPods Pro were so "repairable" (no chance) as to the original version had already been confirmed by Ma, as reported by the journalist. WIREDLauren Goode:

An update to Monday's report: Apple has confirmed that the new AirPods Pro are no more repairable than previous versions of wireless headsets. The headphones are made partially from recyclable materials, but due to the size and construction process (ie glued), they cannot be repaired. Substitutes only.

For its part, iFixit believes that Apple could theoretically repair the inside of the headphones and reuse the original earbuds that include the devices' internal circuitry (system in package, or SiP), which contain the H1 chip, antennas, microphones, and touch sensors.

Although theoretically semi-repairable, the design is not modular, the fact that (the components) are glued and the lack of spare parts make the repair impractical and uneconomical.

In short, if the battery of your AirPods Pro dies or any other incident that requires the repair of the headphones happens, it will probably be completely replaced for this, of course, the user must shell out a certain amount for each of the components.

via AppleInsider

Update by Eduardo Marques 10/31/2019 s 23:09

IFixit published the video with the complete disassembly of the AirPods Pro, check out: