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iFixit analyzes Magic Keyboard trackpad for iPad Pro and reveals an ingenious lever system

We've talked a lot here about the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro we even have some videos focused on the newest accessory for Ma's professional tablets and a complete, written analysis of it.

Meanwhile, the iFixit he did what he does best and started exploring the insides of the keyboard cover.

Originally, the website had analyzed the internal part of the accessory using an X-ray, highlighted by us on Instagram; this week, the repair company updated the material and brought with it a complete analysis of one of the most important components of the accessory: o trackpad.

What they discovered was a very interesting engineering project. As already mentioned, the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro trackpad has a mechanical click, unlike the components of recent MacBooks (which are fixed and simulate a click by its vibrating engine, known as the Taptic Engine); nevertheless, it is possible to click on the accessory trackpad just as easily on any corner of the surface other than the old mechanical trackpads from Apple, which, for those who remember, were very difficult to click on the upper corners.

Magic Keyboard Trackpad for iPad Pro

Disassembling the trackpad, iFixit discovered how it works: Ma engineers designed a levers, all connected to the button itself in the center of the component. When pressing any corner of the surface, a lever is activated, raising the contact center and pressing the button in the same way. This belies the site's previous theory that Apple had applied several buttons under the trackpad.

IFixit also detected that the trackpad is the only component of the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro that can be disassembled without destroying the accessory as a whole, which does not mean, however, that the part is easily replaceable in the event of a defect: as it is attached to the chassis with high doses of adhesive, any repair is a relatively problematic process; certainly, Apple prefers to replace the product as a whole in most failure cases.

The website will, in the coming days, do more analysis on the different parts of the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and we will, of course, be on the lookout for possible news discovered by the team.

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9

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