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If your smartphone has enough RAM, this is the browser you need.

A good internet browser is one that theoretically accesses websites quickly. Chrome, in turn, is known as the best option for Android, mainly for its integration with Google services and also system features. However, a recent test revealed that another browser threatens the popularity of Chrome. Know him next.

The website Android Authority has released a very interesting test among internet browsers of the moment. Using some benchmark applications and doing practical testing, the benchmark has managed to set a new winner for the "fastest web browser of the moment" category.

Google Chrome trailed Puffin browser at speed

Some data released by the survey are very interesting, especially regarding the consumption of RAM. Chrome – RAM memory on the desktop – was in the last position in this regard among browsers that had up to 5 tabs open. However, the browser that consumes the most memory proved to be the fastest of the test.

Yes, although it is economical with regard to RAM, Chrome lagged behind Puffin in speed tests.

There is no fast and efficient browser in every respect

androidpit puffin browser best browsers 1
Puffin is the fastest web browser of the moment / ANDROIDPIT

The site concluded that there is no fast and efficient browser in all respects. However, Puffin seems to be the closest thing to this reality. The browser ranked first in the following tests: Peacekeeper (measures browser capability with video rendering, HTML 5 and WebGL), SunSpider (JavaScript browser skills), and finally Mozilla Kraken (JavaScript skills in different core types and libraries).

Puffin Web Browser
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Puffin topped the RAM consumption rates, with no flaps open and also up to five. This shows that while this browser is fast, its performance will generally depend on how much memory your device has. The test pointed out that Puffin is the fastest among the other browsers of the moment.

Are you trying to test Puffin from today? Which browser do you use on your Android?

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