Data recovery tool for the new MacBook Pro

If your new MacBook Pro goes wrong, your data is safe – Apple has the solution to the problem it created

One of the biggest criticisms regarding the new MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar (and exclusively to them, since the basic version has removable SSDs) is the fact that the machines’ storage unit is soldered to the logic board; that is, any computer repair that involves replacing the card means the loss of all your data – something that didn’t exist when times were simpler and we could just open the bottom cover of the Macs and take our beloved HDDs / SSDs out of there , safe and sound.

Even if the current times give us room to doubt this, it was to be expected that Apple would not be so crazy as to not offer some way to recover data from a defective MBP. Well, fortunately, not really: the company will offer it to all computer owners still under warranty a transfer of your data in case the machine has a problem.

Data recovery tool for the new MacBook Pro

To carry out this task, Apple Authorized Service Stores and Centers will receive a tool Apple-like whereby it is possible to connect the logic board of a defective MBP and connect it via USB-C to another MBP, transferring the data if the SSD is functional. This is where that apparently unused connector comes in that iFixit discovered when dismantling the new Macs, by the way: it serves precisely to connect the plate to the tool.

Obviously, the existence of this procedure does not guarantee that Apple will be able to recover data from a defective MBP, but if the problem is elsewhere than the storage unit, the chances of recovery are quite high. The service will also be made available to AppleCare users, but it remains to be seen whether, in a few years’ time, when some of these Macs are out of warranty, there will be hope in the event of an internal failure.

Whatever the prospect for the future, the mantra for owners of the new MacBook, even more than for the rest of the tech community, is: backup ever.

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