Google extends free calls via Gmail by 2011

If your friends don't use Gmail, learn how to help them!

Dear colleagues, friends and readers, I come across this post to confess something to you: although I am one of the greatest evangelists of Gmail, I still have friends who use Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail Yes, I know it counts against me, but I felt compelled to share with you all this personal disgust I have had for a few years.

For people like me who can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel a chance to reverse this very bad picture, Google last week launched theEmail Intervention. Through it you will be able to send your archaic friends a message to convince them to change to the good side.

To do this, from the Email Intervention main screen, just click on the option Start the intervention. On the next screen, you must enter the name and email address of the person sending the message (there is also the possibility to connect directly to Gmail) and, at the bottom, the name and email of the poor friend.

On the next screen, the site will give three options:Simple: I'm here to help you, Concerned: I'm worried about youit's the Outraged: You're embarrassing me. By selecting each option, the site displays below the content of the message to be sent and then immediately after the message, the user can choose between using a video from Google himself, or recording his own video to persuade friends to switch to Gmail. There is also the possibility of seeing a previewof the message before sending it.

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As I've done everything and couldn't convert to make some of my friends migrate to Gmail, I always use the last option. Yes, if you are my friend and use another email service, you embarrass me! 🙁

Now it's time for you to participate. Visit Email Intervention and help significantly improve the experience your strangers friends have with email. If your intervention works, Google invites everyone to call 1-855-S2GMAIL and give their testimonials.😉

p .: I hope you don't take the jokes of this post very seriously. 😛