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If you use different messaging services, you need to know this app.

This week, I posted my list of top 10 free messaging apps, which said I use about four services daily. To do so, I need the ability to be able to answer my contacts in time. Today I was introduced to Franz, a perfect solution for anyone who, like me, needs to manage different accounts.

The use of Franz is very intuitive and the installation is fast and easy. The software can be installed on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) and from the moment you open the program, simply choose the message platforms and add them to the program's navigation bar by clicking "Add". messenger)".

Franz supports up to 14 messengers

franz wow messenger
The clean and intuitive interface / ANDROIDPIT

At this time, you still choose if you want to see notifications and if you want to mute the notifications. You will still be able to change the name of the services, which offers a little customization for users.

The use of Franz is very intuitive and the installation is quick and easy.

franz tab messages
In the top bar we can see which messenger received a message / ANDROIDPIT

Franz currently supports up to 14 messengers: Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, WeChat, HipChat, ChatWork, Hangouts, GroupMe, Grape, Gitter, Steam Chat and Discord.

Franz, which is a tribute to Austria's Emperor Franz Joseph I, was designed around the growing need for program developers: more and more people use different messaging applications. Why not put everything in one place, right?

So Franz remembers a lot of services like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, for example, but for messages.

whatsapp franz login
Adding the services very fast, in the case of WhatsApp we have the same screen as the Web / ANDROIDPIT version.

Problems using Franz

I have been testing the service a few hours ago, as well as some of my AndroidPIT colleagues, so far I have not yet been able to connect my Skype account as well as one of my copywriters, but three others have not had problems with this.

Another drawback is the fact that we cannot make video calls via Hangouts, because while trying to perform the action, I was redirected to the browser and the connection failed.

Download Franz Now

The service is available for download from the developers' official website and, according to them, does not have access to conversations. The goal of the service to deliver your message successfully, Click here to download Franz.

And, do you know another platform that lets you manage all your messaging applications at once? What did you think about Franz?

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