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If you think WhatsApp is capped, then these apps can improve your experience.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger among Android users, and even though it has gained many functions in recent times, it is still far from complete. With that in mind, we have separated applications that complement WhatsApp and bring several new features to the app.

Make video calls using Booyah

Booyah Video Chat lets you make video calls via WhatsApp. This requires both users to have the app installed on their mobile phone. For simple use, open Booyah and select the contact you want to start the conversation with, then the app will send you a message with a link via WhatsApp. As soon as the contact opens the link in the app, the video call starts.

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Video calls on WhatsApp / ANDROIDPIT
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Booyah VideoChat
Install on Google Play

Booyah isn't perfect, but it does a decent job, and it's the best alternative until WhatsApp developers decide to include the function natively.

Protect your messages with ChatLock +

WhatsApp already does end-to-end encryption, but if anyone picks up your smartphone and can open WhatsApp, it doesn't have encryption that protects them from prying eyes. For this we have ChatLock + (Block Messenger and Chat). The app creates a 4 digit PIN to access WhatsApp. It also works for Gallery, Gmail, Hangouts, Facebook, Messenger (Facebook) and Messenger (SMS), Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Skype, Photos, and even Android Settings and the Play Store.

It even lets you hide notifications and prevent uninstallation of selected applications. When the wrong PIN is entered incorrectly, the app takes a picture with the front camera, which is then saved in the app itself.

chatlock br
4 digits to protect your messages / ANDROIDPIT

Messenger and Chat Lock
Install on Google Play

ChatLock + is simple and easy to use, and works very well for you. Recommended for simple protection for WhatsApp and other apps.

Clear app data using WCleaner

WhatsApp saves your contacts' profile photos, sent and received images, wallpapers you used, audio files, voice notes, videos and general backups on your smartphone. All of this takes up a lot of space.

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Not everything needs to be saved / ANDROIPIT
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WCleaner for WA
Install on Google Play

WCleaner offers a simple and quick solution to erase data you no longer want. You can delete all files in each category, or select one by one the ones you no longer want.

Use memes in your messages using Meme Generator

Meme Generator does what the name implies, creates memes for use on WhatsApp (and other apps, of course). It comes in a variety of categories, from classic Batman beating Robin and Woody and Buzz Lightyear, to new ones like Cheldon Cooper using spray and Donald Trump.

memegenerator br
Create your memes, or at / ANDROIDPIT

Meme Generator Free
Install on Google Play

You can create from your own images as well. Just add the text and, if you want, a sticker, set the size, color and position of the letters and you're done, share your creation easily.

Complete profile photos with Contacts Photos Sync

Contacts Photos Sync synchronizes WhatsApp profile photos with your phone contacts phonebook. The app shows all your contacts and their respective WhatsApp photos and the photos used in the mobile contacts profile.

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This app syncs your contacts photos with WhatsApp / ANDROIDPIT
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Contacts Photos Sync
Install on Google Play

To use the WhatsApp photo as the contact photo, just touch the name you choose and you're done, the app does the whole process on its own. Very ugly but functional interface.

What other apps for WhatsApp do you recommend?

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