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If you have a defective battery 2012/13 MacBook Pro Retina, Apple can fix it for free.

A few months ago, we reported here that Apple had a, say, problem that greatly benefited Retina-screen MacBook Pro owners (2012 or 2013 models) that had defects in their batteries.

As the company was facing a severe shortage of top cases With the power cells, she was offering customers two options to carry their machines: 1. either they waited weeks (maybe even months) until the part was available and, to compensate for the inconvenience, would not be charged for the service; 2. or paid for the service and had their machines of a few years replaced with brand new MacBooks Pro equivalents (in some cases with Touch Bar and all)!

Two days after that news came the update that Apple was no longer offering the second and most attractive option, undeniably. Now, months later, she's not yet available, but the MacRumors He noted that the first option, of waiting for the part and having the replacement performed free of charge, is still being applied at full steam. In other words, if you're willing to wait a few months, Apple will make a relatively expensive repair to your totally free Mac.

According to the website, Apple has directed Genius of its stores and employees of Authorized Service Centers to offer customers a free battery repair if they can wait at least until November 15 to get the service done; Consumers can keep their current computers while they wait for new parts to arrive.

The benefit applies only to these MacBook Pro models, so owners of non-Retina machines or newer models are not contemplated because these models are not experiencing a shortage of parts to justify such a policy.

Apparently, the policy is being applied in various parts of the world, although it is not yet confirmed if Apple stores and Brazilian Authorized Service Centers are already in the news. If you have a 2012/13 MacBook Pro Retina with battery problems, of course, check your nearest authorized service provider first of all remembering that in Brazil MacBook Pro battery replacement usually costs $ 1,100 so if the gratuity is worth it can bring you a phenomenal economy!

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