“If it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone”: Apple Pay is now the highlight of a new commercial


Following the “If not an iPhone, not an iPhone” campaign, Apple has now decided to highlight the Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a faster, easier and safer way to pay for the things you need in more than 1 million stores (and counting). your wallet without the wallet part.

It is a pity that the mobile payment service is not yet available here in Brazil. But the truth is that we can't even complain much, since only the United States and the United Kingdom currently have it.

At least Brazilian banks are already negotiating everything with the company, so it is very likely that Brazil will be ahead of many other countries even more if we take into account that everything is already ready for Apple Pay to be implemented here as almost 80% of payment terminals of Cielo and Rede (the two largest suppliers of card machines in Brazil) accept NFC technology (near field communication, or communication by proximity field).