Beginning of the end? Apple v. Case Trial Qualcomm starts today

If Intel can't handle it, Apple will still have to rely on Qualcomm to make modems for the new iPhones.

According to a report from Fast company, a Intel will be responsible for providing about 70% of modems for the new models of iPhones that will be on sale later this year. If all goes well with the production, the microprocessor company will be the 100% supplier of these components for 2019. Otherwise, Apple will still have to count on its esteemed partner. Qualcomm to produce these parts.

Ma's relationship with Qualcomm is becoming more and more delicate with the advance of court battles between the two companies. Given this fight between the giants, Intel has emerged as an option to produce even more modems this year. However, Apple expects to monitor production and see how Intel meets deadlines, as this is the first time the company will manufacture its own chips using processors. 28 nanometers.

If the demand is not met, Qualcomm will go into action to produce the components beyond the 30% already stipulated; If Intel meets the demand on time, the company may take over 70% of production. According to a source from Fast company, some components of Intel's chip did not work as expected, but the company remains confident.

So far, the performance rate of the new chips is not what Intel expected. Only slightly more than half worked as directed. Intel engineers are confident, working on specific issues and increasing this throughput before production advances in June and July.

Engineers from Apple and Intel started working together on modems between 2014 and 2015, and soon Intel had thousands of dedicated professionals to be able to include its component on iPhones. From the production of the iPhone 7 in September 2016, the microprocessor company gained more room in Apple's modem production margin from Qualcomm with each new production cycle.

With the 5G generation On the way, Intel is expected to supply this component for the next iPhones at least from 2019. That same year, Qualcomm may no longer be Ma's supplier, and perhaps its relations are only in the court field. Still according to Fast companyJust recently, Qualcomm even removed Apple's linked revenue projections for the first fiscal quarter announcement.

We'll see if Intel will live up to Apple's expectations and follow up on the next few chapters of Apple's relationship with Qualcomm.

via iClarified