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If Apple ever merged the MacBook with the iPad…

People in general have a short memory, but we have not forgotten that Apple (and Steve Jobs himself) has sometimes contradicted himself in the past with promises of product launches.

In the case of a touchscreen Mac, her current position is quite clear: her experience with such a bad hybrid product and the company's focus will continue to be on standalone devices, each with its own dedicated operating system (macOS and iOS). Just the opposite of what Microsoft has been doing for a few years now with its Surface line.

I'm not going to get my hand on fire for nothing, but I find it absurdly unlikely that this way will change even because the strategy is working well (Macs are selling well, the iPad is the world leader in tablets) and, for me, her explanation really It makes perfect sense. Otherwise, there wouldn't even be a reason why iOS is a fully thought-out OS for touch screens.

But, just in the process of a good debate here between you, we bring next the concept of a Apple Book just what would come from a MacBook iPad.

It is difficult to evaluate such a product without having a practical experience of using it. And I don't even say 5 minutes in a store, but in everyday life. Still, in quick reflection, tell us: would you be interested in a Ma hybrid?

(tip from Silva Totevia Tudocelular)