If Apple continues to buy Samsung SSDs for MacBooks Air, they could soon become twice as fast

Last year, he painted a rumor that Apple would have replaced the Toshiba SSDs used on MacBooks Air with Samsung's 50% faster models.

This actually happened, but later it was discovered that the new chips in the * replace * the previous ones, but rather complemented them ie some machines still come out with those from Toshiba.

Now, according to the 9to5Mac, MacBooks Air can receive drives twice as fast as Samsung's.

See s, a comparative test (before and after):

Performance of Samsung SSDs on MacBooks Air

It so happens that Samsung discontinued the previous line used by Apple, the 470 Series models.

The 830 Series came to replace them and offer a much higher performance, reaching 400MB / s in writing and up to 500MB / s in reading.

Now, the question remains: how many previous models would Apple still have in stock (can be muuuito or in :-P), to equip MacBooks Air? And when they run out, will she even adopt the new ones from Samsung or just stay with the ones from Toshiba, who knows even hiring a third party supplier?

The annoying thing about this story is that consumers have no way of finding out which model of SSD is equipped with their machines before buying and connecting them.

The difference last year was considerable, but nothing absurd; the one of now, if in fact it will exist, it could even characterize something to be highlighted when purchasing the laptop.