IE 6 support on YouTube ends in March

IE 6 support on YouTube ends in March

Within two weeks, YouTube will no longer be accessible to Internet Explorer 6 users, Google warned.

The news is advanced by several international media, which cite a warning from the company. The restriction will take effect on March 13, the date from which users who attempt to access the video service at streaming with version 6 of browser Microsoft will be invited to choose a software most current.

The measure, which had already been anticipated about 6 months ago, is part of a general effort by the community to encourage Internet users to adopt more recent programs for browsing the Web (with the participation of Microsoft itself), capable of supporting new technologies. service features that are incompatible with older versions of browsers.

IE 6 support on YouTube ends in March

In addition to IE 6, support for Safari 2, Firefox 2 and Chrome 3 will also be discontinued, ComputerWorld said.

According to the same source, Google also informed that the change is imposed by the development of new features for YouTube that are not compatible with the browsers older.

The company had previously warned that as of March 1, it would discontinue support for these programs on Google Docs and Google Sites. Google Mail and Google Calendar are also expected to require more current versions of navigation software by the end of this year.

Internet Explorer version 6 is still used by around 20 percent of Internet users worldwide, according to the count for last month.