Identifiers spotted two weeks ago were not the 9.7 ″ iPad; new 10.5 ″ model may be going into production

Two weeks ago, as part of the rumored machine about a possible new Apple tablet, we report here that identifiers for a certain iPad, still in existence, had been spotted in the advertising records of the marketing firm Fiksu.

Well, when Apple announced the “new” 9.7-inch iPad last week, we all assumed that the identifiers we saw were, after all, this latest model and went to sleep peacefully.

But not at all.

Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

It turns out that the new iPad has as identifiers codes iPad6,11 and iPad6,12 (representing models with and without cellular technology), which has nothing to do with iPad7,1, iPad7,2, iPad7,3 and iPad7, 4 seen by the advertising firm.

In other words: there are more models of the Apple tablet that we still don't know about.

Let's put this together plot twist with information from IHF analyst Rhoda Alexander, who spoke with Forbes on the weekend.

According to the professional, Apple will soon start producing, in limited quantities, units of the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro that model supposedly almost borderless, with cutting edge technology, that would come to replace the current Pro of 9.7 inches and that, if launched, will surely become the apple of the eye in the Ma line of tablets.

Despite this, we still don't know when Apple would introduce this new model to the world.

Apple world guru John Gruber says that if the new iPad Pro really comes with borderless (or nearly) screen technology, it would make sense to introduce this new design language to the world with an iPad instead of with the rumored “iPhone X”, of much greater popular appeal, that is, if it is real, this iPad would only be presented after (or at least together with) the iPhone, in September / October, the journalist opines.

The thing is undeniably confusing, but my suspicion is that we still have to wait a few months before Tim Cook and his gang clear our minds.


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On a related note, the editor-in-chief of the TechCrunch Matthew Panzarino posted on Twitter some photos and screenshots of his first moments with the new iPad.

One of the publications, however, deserves mention:

The Geekbench measurement of the device was met with some surprise by Internet users, such as developer Steve Troughton-Smith:

This new iPad is not at all soft; compare to the 2979/4713 points on my 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

As we can see, the performance measurement of the new iPad almost matched that of the largest (and much more expensive) of Ma's tablets.

Of course, this is information that should be put into perspective: we are talking here about cold and dry numbers, and the device's real-life performance may vary according to a number of other components and aspects.

Still, it is a surprise to see how the A9 chip that equips the new iPad is still a very respectable man.