Identifier shows that Apple created a new iPhone 4

The website of developer Christopher William Holt (or just “cwh”), which lists all the latest firmware iGadgets, published a curious link about a version of the iPhone 4 that has not yet been released by Apple. This is an iOS 6 file (long .ipsw) with the iPhone3,2 identifier.

iPhone3,2 (new iPhone 4)

Although it was published on September 19, this version is not yet available for developers to download from the iOS Dev Center, after all, the “new model” has not yet been released.

iOS Dev Center

The possibilities for this iPhone 4 are many, such as:

  • Changes in the A4 processor, improving battery consumption, as in the iPad2,4;
  • Unification of the antennas, operating both GSM and CDMA, as in the iPhones 4S and 5;
  • A very likely one: as it is the entry-level model from Apple offered for free in the two-year contract, take this new device up to date with new ones. basebandswould be extremely advantageous on operators that are not yet compatible with the gadget, such as China Mobile, which retains 600 million subscribers.

Curiosity: this new version of the iPhone 4 will probably come with a new bootrom, so this blocks the possibility of jailbreak this gadget as it has not yet been made available for A5 chips or higher.

(via 9to5Mac, Electronist)