Ideas, publications and research actions on COVID-19 are brought together in a new Government portal

The Government has presented a new platform that wants to respond to the epidemiological situation caused by the new Coronavirus and COVID-19. The portal is called Science 4 COVID-19 and brings together ideas, publications and research actions on the disease that has affected practically the whole world.

The website was launched on April 3 by the Foundation for Science and Technology and the Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation, in partnership with the Instituto Nacional de Saude Doutor Ricardo Jorge.

Also aiming to leverage new technological-based economic activities in Portugal, the platform disseminates ideas, publications and ongoing actions in this area. In addition, it is still possible to identify the available installed capacity and research groups, with the platform making available means of collaborative work online, as well as mechanisms for direct communication between users. The purpose is to promote interaction and collaboration between all.

In practice, Science 4 COVID-19 compiles resources available for use in research and development projects and activities aimed at combating COVID-19, in line with the plan of the Directorate-General for Health and with the strategies of other European authorities and international health

Science 4 COVID-19

The portal also contains several initiatives from the Portuguese scientific community, some of them solitary. The identification and availability to health professionals of individual protection material and the creation of informative and educational materials about Coronavirus to disseminate in Portuguese countries are some of the proposed examples.