Ideas for working at home: 15 opportunities

Aquarentenadocoronavrus forced many people into the home office. Whether due to job loss or increased free time, this bad time may still make it possible to take advantage of some opportunities and think of ideas for working at home.

In this article, you will not miss these opportunities. So stay with us and see the most diverse ways to earn money working from home!

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1. Creating websites

Creating sites is not as complex as it was in the early days of the internet and there is no shortage of courses that teach you how to set one up. In addition, there are several services that make it possible to create all types of websites with ease.

This website can be anything. A blog on a subject you like, a virtual store to sell physical or digital products and even to display an online portfolio to show future employers or attract new clients to your freelance service.

One of those builders that we mentioned Zyro. It allows users to create pages from different niches, offering ready-made templates. Just customize it your way, dragging and dropping elements until it looks the way you imagined.

Click on the link to meet Zyro.

creating websites one of the ideas for working at home

2. Creating blogs

You can also create blogs to talk about subjects you have mastered and, if your goal is to make money, have a public that invests money in it. Blogs are one of the first ways to allow you to monetize the content you produce.

There are several ways to monetize a blog. Whether by inserting Google ad banners, selling sponsored publications, or including affiliate links, they generate commission for the content producer when a visitor clicks on the link and purchases the product.

WordPress is the best platform to set up blogs, even if it is not the only one. Want to learn how to create one? Then see this step-by-step guide that we publish!

3. YouTube channel

YouTube can also be one of the best ideas for working from home. Like blogs, you can monetize your content in a variety of ways, including creating exclusive content for a paying audience.

In addition, the most accessed video platform in the world also allows for live broadcasts. Depending on the program you use, you can even live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time. It is also possible to broadcast on YouTube and Instagram simultaneously.

To learn how to use YouTube to make money, be sure to check out our tips for recording videos and also for making money on YouTube.

4. Instagram profile

Instagram is one of the best social networks for work. Despite the accumulation of motivational posts and ostentatious photos, its gigantic user base and great engagement make it a fertile ground for anyone willing to learn how to run a business there.

To be aware of the various ways to earn money on Instagram, it is worth mentioning that you can sell products by affiliation, sell publiposts, rent exclusive access to Stories made for your best friends and even sell products directly through Instagram Shopping!

In addition, there is no shortage of tools to help you have a successful Instagram profile. Scalehot is one of these services. With it, you can schedule posts and Stories quickly and easily.

It also allows you to configure automatic interactions, using hashtags, location tags and even competing profiles as filters for the likes that the platform will automatically distribute.

These are just two of the possibilities that Scalehot offers. To learn more, be sure to access the link and test Scalehot GRTIS for 7 days!

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<h2>5. TikTok profile</h2>
<p>TikTok considered the social network of the moment. One of the most downloaded apps in 2019, the social network of short videos and plenty of humor is investing heavily in those who produce content on it. So much so that the platform itself pays you to bring in new users and to stay active.</p>
<p>Although there are not many yet, some applications for TikTok can help you produce content and help you gain more followers in the app.</p><div class='code-block code-block-9' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Stim is one of them. The platform allows you to automatically interact with other users and influencers, helping your name to gain exposure within the audience you want for yourself. In addition, it helps you create links to direct followers to your site and brings reporting tools to analyze your progress.

Start using Stim for 5 days FREE by clicking the link!

6. Open an online store

All the money produced on the internet does not come from just one place. That is, producing content and being an influencer is not the only idea for working at home. In fact, ecommerce has more potential to generate money than content production.

As we mentioned in the first item on this list, creating websites is not as complicated as it was years ago. We can say the same about virtual stores. You can create one easily, depending on the platform you choose.

This is the case with Bagy, who is also suitable for those who use Instagram frequently. The platform allows you to open a virtual store to sell your products.

In addition, you can integrate it with your Facebook and Instagram accounts, allowing your catalog to appear in posts or Stories made with Instagram Shopping. In doing so, the products you show in the content will have price tags, which your visitors and followers will be able to tap to buy in your online store.

Click on the link to see how Bagy works!

7. Production of lives

With aquarentena, the number of accesses lives increased exponentially. If before they were the stars of the social media game, today they are a way to connect and enjoy the shows, which today are only possible for those who have a car and can afford the expensive tickets.

But it is not because you are not a famous musician who can also not produce lives and captivate a public. As with blogs, YouTube channels and social networks, you can also talk about what you want and, if there is a public and market for it, generate an extra income.

Some tools facilitate these live streams, including enabling them to be broadcast on more than one platform simultaneously. Belive is one of them.

Facilitating the creation of these lives, its interface is simple to understand. This makes it possible to start your life schedule as quickly as possible, accessing publics from different platforms.

To get to know it first hand, try Belive for FREE for 14 days by clicking on the link!

use belive to make lives and work at home

8. Create a newsletter

Do you think e-mail is something "old-fashioned"? I couldn't be more wrong. To this day, email marketing is one of the best selling practices on the internet.

As much as social networks are the big fashion today, they are very dispersive. That is, so much information and notification that it is very difficult to capture your user's attention.

J reading emails more focused, without so many elements to distract. This makes that person pay more attention to your message, as well as the offers you are recommending.

Creating an easy newsletter. The first thing you need to do is point them out to people nearby and ask them to spread the word. At this point, there is nothing wrong with using social media to achieve this goal.

Then, use a service for mass sending, as conventional email services are not able to fire to many addresses.

The best known service in this area is MailChimp. With several features to facilitate this sending, you can use it to create your email, create lists and separate your subscribers by different categories. In addition, also know the open rate, responses and even clicks on links placed in your email.

It is worth mentioning that, for novice users, the service is available for FREE. The service is only paid when a considerable number of subscribers is reached. By then, it is likely that you are already making money from your newsletter.

So, start using MailChimp now by clicking on the link.

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<h2>9. Creating images for social networks</h2>
<p>Did you know that you can sell image creation services for social media posts from companies and influencers? With more and more things to take care of, these entrepreneurs usually hire people specifically to take care of the images in their posts.</p>
<p>In this way, they are more free to take care of more strategic tasks or just with the “good part” of the business. the one where you can have ideas for working at home, taking care of this part of the work and getting money for it</p>
<p>And you don't even have to be a renowned designer to start. There are several platforms with templates ready to create these images. Some even provide you with the image, all you need to do is send your company logo or watermark for insertion.</p>
<p>PlaceIt is one of those platforms. It has several models of images, in which you can insert the company logo or personalized images of your customers. All of this in a simple, quick and easy way.</p>
<p>Click on the link to see how PlaceIt works!</p>
<h2>10. Creating videos for social networks</h2>
<p>There are two ways to make money from videos, not counting the content production itself. One of them is the creation of personalized videos for companies. Unlike the edition, here you will take existing excerpts of videos, images, text and music and create a cohesive video.</p>
<p>Most of these videos do not have someone present. There are several software that allow you to create videos more easily and we highly recommend consuming material to learn how to create videos for business.</p>
<p>Among these software, we recommend Movavi. It has a complete collection of elements that you can use commercially, making it easier for companies in your region to undertake and offer video creation for social networks.</p>
<p>Click on the link to get to know Movavi right now!</p>
<h2>11. Creating email marketing</h2>
<p>Remember the tip we gave you about creating a newsletter? You can use it to gain experience in creating this type of email and offer the service of structuring email marketing campaigns for companies.</p>
<p>That is, even if your newsletter still takes some time to make money, you can offer this service to companies and start generating extra income for yourself. That way, you can earn money from your long and short term emails.</p>
<p>As an alternative to MailChimp, GetResponse is also a platform that allows you to create email marketing models, as well as manage campaigns and segment your list of subscribers, among several other features.</p>
<p>Click on the link to get to know GetResponse!</p>
<h2>12. App development</h2>
<p>Is learning to program<strong/>and want to make money from it? Then you can offer to companies to develop exclusive apps for them. Although large companies have their own IT staff or hire specialized agencies, their price is usually not affordable for small and medium businesses.</p>
<p>  the one you enter. Most of these companies do not need a complex app. It can be just to distribute content or to make delivery avoiding the charge of the fee of apps like iFood, for example.</p>
<p>If you know how to do that, why not use that knowledge to start setting up your own mobile app development agency?</p>
<p>If you are still learning, you can invest in training in this area. The Android Accelerate course one of them. Throughout the course, you can learn to develop this type of app, giving you a different knowledge, which you can use to help companies in your region.</p>
<p>Click on the link to know the course!</p>
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13. Video editing

Unlike creating videos for social networks, video editing already works with ready-made recordings. In that case, you can take video recordings – like those made by Youtubers – and work on them so that they have the best possible result.

In that case, the only difference from one to the other is the objective. While the first most requested by companies looking to sell on the internet, the second is in high demand by those who already work with content and cannot afford to waste so much time in publishing.

Another suggestion for software to edit videos is Camtasia. Easy to use and learn, it will also give you the tools to make your first edits.

To learn more about Camtasia, visit its page to download the app.

14. Editing photos

Edit family photos and learn some tricks? How about offering the photo editing service to companies close to you. Small and medium-sized companies can hire your service, especially to make their products look better on social media.

There are several photo editors you can use for this job. The most traditional and even requested by the agencies is the well-known Adobe Photoshop. Our recommendation is that you start learning for him, since he also opens doors for you to jobs and digital marketing magazines, for example.

Click the link to download Photoshop.

15. Create ebooks

writer and want to make writing your source of income? So the best ideas for working at home creating and publishing ebooks! There is no lack of platforms that allow independent authors to sell their stories.

But you don't have to stick to fictional ebooks. In fact, there is a whole market for ebooks that teach skills and methods. No wonder that bestsellers on platforms like Amazonso books teaching you how to improve your life.

Which of these ideas for working from home seems the best?

These ideas for working from home can help you earn extra income to supplement your salary or can mean a whole new career. So we recommend that you evaluate your skills and see which one looks the most interesting to start with.

Which of these ideas seemed the most interesting to you? Comment with us and leave your opinion