IDC: in just two quarters, Apple is already the second largest global manufacturer of wearable devices

O Apple Watch It only recently arrived in Brazil, but started to be sold abroad in April. That is, we can say that it is a product with two quarters of life.

And in that period, according to a survey by International Data Corporation, Apple has already taken second place among wearable device manufacturers (wearables).

IDC graph on the wearable market

The third quarter of 2015 closed as follows, according to data from IDC:

  1. Fitbit: 4.7 million units (22.2% of market share)
  2. Apple: 3.9 million (18.6%)
  3. Xiaomi: 3.7 million (17.4%)
  4. Garmin: 0.9 million (4.1%)
  5. BBK: 0.7 million (3.1%)
  6. Others: 7.3 million (34.6%)

Note that Samsung is not even Top 5 est. In addition, Apple naturally sells the most expensive devices (and probably with the highest profit margins) of all of these with a lot of slack. The clothing market as a whole reached 21 million units, an absurd 197.6% annual growth.

By IDC figures, Apple sold 3.6 million Watches in the second quarter and 3.9 million in the third, totaling 7.5 million. As Apple is not officially detailing these figures in its financial results (for commercial / strategic reasons, according to her), we have to rely on market research carried out by third parties.

We recently estimated that Apple has already grossed at least $ 1.7 billion with Watch.

(via Fortune)