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Not long ago, we posted some reviews of football gesture games, some that pleased us a lot, others less. IClub Manager is a mostly economic reality oriented game that lies behind the football world, an aspect that seems to ensure more efficiency and fun. To find out if this really happens, be sure to read our app review today.

Functions & Usage

IClub Manager is a game of football management available, at least so far only in English. The game is very team-oriented, that is, the game played is in the background in this whole story. What matters is the players and their performance: with the value of their cards you can make a team make more money. Training and matches are also present, as is the player market.

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<p style=Once you have selected one of the 64 available clubs, action really begins. All player values ​​are between 1 and 100, with factors such as age influencing the final performance. Weekly training improves player skills, but of course costs money and is therefore one of the team's expenses.

Other aspects to be highlighted from the club's financial management are ticket prices, studio maintenance and merchandising. Selling players represents another significant element throughout the game. If the money is not enough to support the staff, bank loans can also be made. But beware: it will be necessary to repay the loan in a timely manner. After a few seasons, the coach's price tends to rise, and he may be called on to train other teams of higher prestige.

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<h2>Screen & Controls</h2>
<p style=IClub Manager can seem like a tricky game, at least until you understand how all its mechanics work. The graphic is not excellent, but also not necessary, as the game does not require great animations. The tutorial helps you understand the commands and functions. The controls are well suited to the type of game in question.

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<h2>Speed ​​& Stability</h2>
<p style=IClub Manager did not experience any problems during our test. Its operation has always been stable and everything went smoothly and smoothly.

Price / Performance Ratio

IClub Manager can be purchased for 0.81 from the Google Play Store. The quality of the game justifies its price, no doubt!

Final Verdict

IClub Manager has convinced us a lot about the good game. The difference with other games here is quite fun to manage a great team. The game offers many possibilities for fun, although its graphic is not the most sophisticated. Either way, for lovers of gesture games, this app is definitely recommended.

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