Apple to open second data center in China; first unit should open in 2020

ICloud infrastructure may migrate from Amazon to Google, but Apple still seeks full control [atualizado]

Apple already has some data centers themselves, as shown in the photo above, but she does not walk alone in that direction. Ma's great partner a few years ago for the services of the iCloud it has been Amazon, with its Web Services (AWS), but it is possible that Apple will migrate much of this infrastructure to Google.

According to information released this week, a good part of iCloud systems will start working on Google Cloud Platform within the next few months. The news certainly fell like a bomb to Amazon, which will lose even if partially a millionaire contract.

Apple's intention would be to divide the needs of its cloud between the two giants, reducing dependence and also saving on expenses. Apple's investment in Google would be estimated at $ 400-600 million, but it is uncertain whether this amount would be annual or for a different period.

The achievement of the account is largely attributed to Diane Greene, co-founder of VMware who is now leading the Google Cloud Platform efforts.

‚ÄúMcQueen‚ÄĚ project

But this migration is not Apple's ultimate goal. According to Re / code it's the VentureBeat, Apple is working on a major internal project to completely abandon the need for partners like Amazon and Google (and even Microsoft, with Azure).

Entitled the ‚ÄúMcQueen‚ÄĚ project, Apple's intention is to have its own cloud infrastructure ready within the next three years. This would reduce costs even more (at least in the medium / long term), give you more control over your technical needs (including integration with other products / services) and contribute to data security especially in times of confrontation with the government / FBI.

As we always talk about topics like: money in the problem for the project to go ahead; Apple has plenty of it.

(via AppleInsider, MacRumors)

Update · 03/23/2016 s 17:57

THE The Information corroborated today (closed matter for subscribers) the rumor above about the ‚ÄúMcQueen‚ÄĚ project, also citing that Apple would have no less than six different projects related to its cloud infrastructure.

Apple's focus would be not only on data storage, but also on servers, network equipment and integrated systems.

The whole thing still takes a while to get ready, but Apple hopes to start merging its own infrastructure with that of third parties Amazon, Google and Microsoft as it completes different stages of its projects.

(via AppleInsider)