iCloud and iTunes Target New Apple Lawsuit

It's hard to imagine a context in which Apple is totally free from the courts. I say this because, in the midst of so many lawsuits involving the Cupertino giant and other companies, there is always one company or another trying to capitalize on Ma's success and fortune.

This time, in the different: the Data Scape Limited, an Irish company (backed by US investors), filed a lawsuit in East Texas District Court accusing Apple of violating one of its data synchronization patents with iCloud and iTunes, as well as citing all iGadgets in which these services are available.

Patent No. 10,277,675 describes "Systems and Apparatus Communication Methods"; that is, it covers both the communication service (such as iCloud) and the devices that support the data transfer platform.

Data Scape seeks a jury trial and legal expenses, interest damages and a permanent injunction against further infractions. As always, there is a big one: the patent was officially granted Data Scape in late April, which indicates that the company must be another Patent troll.

As we have already commented, one Patent troll It consists of an individual or a company that acquires and holds patents solely for financial purposes. Basically, they buy / register patents (but are not involved in the design or creation of any associated patent products) and report companies that may have infringed them.

In the case of Data Scape, this assumption is made even clearer by the fact that the company has at least 14 (!) Similar actions underway against Amazon, Spotify, Dropbox, Pandora, among others.

Based on this (and Ma's positive history in such cases), the Cupertino giant will probably try to invalidate the Data Scape patent by filing the case although it is also possible that it will become one of those endless snowballs. We'll see.

via AppleInsider