Ice and Fire at War

Game of Thrones 6x04: Gelo e Fogo em pé de guerra

Check out our review of Game of Thrones 6×04: Book of The Stranger. The episode brought back Littlefinger and Sansa, reuniting with one of their brothers.


Littlefinger returned just to say that the text is pure spoiler

The fourth episode of the sixth season of game of Thrones there were some (few) moments of happiness and others of tension, but in the general balance it made the main plots take direction. As usual, the episode started on the wall, but ended very hot.

Jon Snow is packing to open up the world outside Castle Black, while Dolorous Edd tries to convince you to stay. Jon is very sharp and firm in his decision: “I swore my life to the Night’s Watch. I gave my life … They killed me, my own brothers“, Until the trumpet sounds, the gate opens and a meeting (already expected) takes place. Sansa sees her stepbrother again and joy takes over the two.

We haven't seen a Stark smiling in a long time, have we?We haven’t seen a Stark smiling in a long time, have we?

Finally Stark leaves his status “Sonsa” aside and convinces Jon to go fight to retake Winterfell, home of the Starks, after reading the letter that Ramsey addressed to him. Jon decided to join the savages commanded by Tormund to fight against Ramsey, the current «protector» of the north. And speaking of Tormund, who noticed his gaze on Brienne? I think the couple matches and I’m already rooting for them.

Date someone who looks at you like Tormund looks at BrienneDate someone who looks at you like Tormund looks at Brienne

Pinky appeared again, and went to fetch the army commanded by his nephew, Robert Arryn, the valley protector to go to Winterfell. The little boy was once again innocent and allowed himself to be easily manipulated by Petyr Baelish who got what he wanted in a very simple scene.


The plot of Lannisters in Porto Real it’s still boring, so let’s skip that part. Let’s talk about the only lion doing something this season: Tyrion. The dwarf used all his diplomacy to negotiate with the slavemasters and reach a possible agreement to end slavery, but isn’t seven years a long time? Me and Missandei we agree.

Ramsey-e-OshaThe free death quota has been exceeded, stop there HBO …

If there is one character that deserves to be hated it is Ramsay, who has already shown himself to be a crazy psychopath who spares no one, but he really needed to kill Osha ?! We all know that he’s insane, crazy, he didn’t need that.

I found a death totally free, although I think he must die at the hands of a Stark. Littlefinger got the Vale army, Jon the savages, he and Sansa will go to the North in search of support … Ramsey take care, soon many people will hunt him down.

There in Vaes Dothrak things got hot. Daario and Jorah found Daenerys, but instead of running away, she decided to face all the Khals at once. Contrary to George RR Martin, who said that the Targaryens are not immune to fire, and that what happened to Daenerys was something unique, she decided to play with fire once again.

When she was having her fate judged by the Khals, everyone was waiting for Drogon’s appearance, but she managed to fend for herself and showed that she is not intimidated by small threats. He set fire to the Temple and proved to be fireproof, leaving everyone to die.

There was no body double on the scene ...There was no body double on the scene …

Everyone knelt before her… that means that now she will command the Dothraki since all your leaders were killed?

While we wait a week for the series to return, keep the teaser for the next episode: