iBookstore will be exclusive to the United States at the beginning

Steve Jobs didn't say much about the iBookstore business model yesterday, but one of the first things we can be sure about is that it won't be a large-scale international ebook store at least at the beginning. As shown in the following screenshot (taken from Apple's Australian website for the iPad), the iBookstore is exclusive to the United States.

In fact, iBooks is not even mentioned in international pages about the Apple tablet outside the United States, because there is a chance that it will not be pre-installed on iPads, in the same way that apps of the iWork suite will not be. Apparently, the content agreements that Apple has made with publishers do not yet cover their international availability, or depend on other specific policies in certain countries.

Well, anyone who wants to read books on the iPad outside the United States has to resort to apps from the App Store that make it possible. And do you know the irony of fate for those who want to compete with Amazon? THE app of Kindle one of them: – /

(image: TUAW)