IBM is already the world's largest Mac adoption company with over 90,000 drives; announces its first educational app for iOS

IBM's partnership with Apple bears new fruit: "Big Blue" employees can now use Macs

"Hell froze" when, in July last year, Apple and IBM announced an exclusive partnership to “dominate the corporate mobile market”. In December, the first apps born from the union appeared.

Now something quite unexpected has come up: for the first time, IBM is allowing its employees to choose Macs (MacBook Pro or Air) as your work computers.

In an internal memo, IBM detailed that the machines will now come with all necessary software pre-installed, including VPNs and security tools. It would already have about 15,000 Macs up and running (by its BYOD program, that is, bring your own equipment to work), but expects the number to reach 50,000 before the end of this year.

Who knew that we would see this happening after the rivalry that existed between the two in the 1980s Nostalgia moment:

(via 9to5Mac)