IBM will invest $ 1 billion in Linux development

Linux development gets IBM billionaire contribution

Lots of money rolling by

When i read the news thought i had read it wrong but it seems true that IBM intends to invest about 1 US dollar Linux development over the next five years.

Great, after all the more support the better, of course these investments are more for IBM's own benefit than anything else, which they want to make the kernel better to run on their servers.


As individualistic as it may be, this attitude may mirror other industries that are not necessarily tied to servers. Power8 from IBM. According to the news, the company intends to create training and testing centers where IBM students and customers can test Linux applications on Power8 before launching applications on the market, according to reports the main reason is to try to adapt Power architecture-based mainframes and servers to handle cloud and big data in distributed computing environments

I don't know how much this can improve the life of a desktop end user, but it will certainly improve the performance of cloud applications that use it without a doubt much money!

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