IBM supercomputer discovered substances that can be tested to fight coronavirus

The vaccine or cure for infection generated by the coronavirus has not yet been discovered, but the IBM / NVidia Summit supercomputer was used to design a computational model of the Covid-19 S-protein. The computer analyzed more than eight thousand substances and found some linked to the genetic material that the virus releases in the human organism, which could contain the contagion.

The discovery was published in a study in the scientific publication ChemRxiv by researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, who say that 77 possible chemicals have been identified that could be tested to fight the coronavirus.

Second, by comparing the structure of the SARS-CoV protein with the new SARS-CoV-2, the scientists found several differences in the respective sequences, but both have favorable affinity links to the human receptor. To develop a drug, in the conventional format, scientists would take an average of 10 years, which would be a catastrophe given the spread of the pandemic.

The study indicates that seven of the components found to be effective or are already available and have regular approval as a drug or have previous studies with great therapeutic potential.

The findings of the Summit, which is capable of doing 200 billion calculations per second, can now be used by the scientific community to accelerate studies for the creation of vaccines to contain the new coronavirus. The researchers will continue to refine their computational model in order to make the data more accurate.

Although they are good news, the discovery for the cure of infection is not guaranteed, but it can be an indicator of the direction that scientists must follow to accelerate the research process.