IBM releases 50 open source projects

IBM releases 50 open source projects

IBM releases 50 open source projects and contributes 150 more open source projects, two of them OpenStack and Linux itself.

With the exponential increase in internet usage in both business and home use, companies are working to advance the technology. Check out the initiative taken by IBM.

Technology pioneer IBM has made 50 tools and apps open source and even releases development tools. These tools cover a wide range of interests such as cloud, analytics, IoT platform, mobile, Security, Social, Watson and more.

Some of the open source projects are: Activity Streams, Agentless System Crawler, Node Application Metrics, i18n4go, Clampify, IBM Design Language Web Animation Components, Object Storage for Bluemix, Mule, Gaian Database, IBM Design Language Mobile Animation Components, Node-RED, IBM Bluemix Mobile Services SDKs, libsecurity, Cognitive Catalyst for Watson, etc.

The intention is to make the tools grow bigger and bigger since the intention to make the web a more open place becomes stronger.

Different companies like Google, Microsoft are increasingly contributing open source technologies to achieve this goal.

These tools cover a variety of services such as cloud, analytics, IoT, mobile devices, security, Watson and more. They are all built on the BluemixIBM cloud platform that users have free access to developers as well as schools, colleges and universities.

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