IBM patents foldable smartwatch that becomes tablet

IBM patents foldable smartwatch that becomes tablet

In a war of foldable smartphone launches, IBM does it differently and files a patent for a foldable smartwatch that becomes a tablet

THE IBM once again thought outside the box and registered a patent for the first foldable smartwatch. While everyone waited for their own version of the foldable smartphone, and, in the process, collecting success and failures, the company ventures out of the curve and bets on a device that unfolds and fulfills the functions of smartwatch and tablet very well.

The patent, published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on June 11, 2019, and discovered by the Dutch technology publisherLets Go Digital, made the record publicly known, eventually taking everyone by surprise.

After all, following the company's history, which today has as main focus on consultancy, Artificial Intelligence and quantum computing, it seems unlikely that the IBM I would risk, at some point, launching a consumer product, especially in a sector that was hitherto unexplored when the folding smartwatch.

The initiative of IBM it seems coherent, however, given the great interest of other technology companies, many of them leaders in the consumer sector, to unfold, literally, when offering a foldable product. This was the case of Samsung and the Chinese Huawei, which, in their attempts, had to recover their projects in order to improve the foldable characteristics of their products.

The foldable smartwatch from IBM

The foldable smartwatch capable of unfolding up to a maximum of eight panels, fulfilling the functions of a tablet or smartphone very wellThe device is capable of deploying up to a maximum of eight panels, fulfilling the functions of a tablet or smartphone very well

According to the registered patent, entitled Variable Display Size for an Electronic Display Device, the product is described as a bracelet device that looks like a watch. It has a rectangular display in portrait mode without frames, something very close to what is already offered in the market with current smartwatchs.

Under the watch and display, there are seven additional displays stored in compartments. While the site Lets Go Digital says the patent does not clearly describe how the unfolding or assembly process works, the IBM states that users would be able to enlarge the screen area to up to eight panels in total, each panel having dimensions of 3 x 2 inches.

They are 12 x 8 inches at their maximum size. At that point, your smartwatch is a tablet and fulfills all its functions very well.

Ibm foldable smartwatch concept(Image: IBM / USPTO)

So far, there is no detailed information about the curious foldable smartwatch, nor will it reach the market, since the challenge of producing this smart watch is still great. In the event that the project had its interest initially registered in 2016 and its patent duly approved now in 2019. Nothing indicates that the interests of IBM remain the same.

But if the intentions for the development of the foldable smartwatch become true, there is a great possibility that the product that reaches the hands of the consumer will not disappoint. After all, IBM is currently the world's largest technology patent holder and one of the most advanced innovation labs on the planet.

IBM, to date, has made no comment regarding the foldable smartwatch or has given any indication that the project continues in its future plans.