IBM offers new LinuxONE III with Ubuntu

IBM's hybrid cloud infrastructure solution is available with the Canonical system.

IBM promises to innovate the business market with LinuxONE III, an open, secure, flexible and resilient solution. Bringing together the best of both worlds: cloud and privacy, securing your customer data.


With a partnership between IBM and Canonical, featuring a modern, open-source operating system and powerful hardware, this version can handle huge processing loads. Whereas normally a home computer comes with an 8 core processor, and on average 8 – 16 GB of RAM. The jaw-dropping power of LinuxONE III, with up to 190 processing cores and 40 TB of RAM.

According to the official Ubuntu blog post, written by the director of the IBM Linux department IBM Z and LinuxONE, Kara Tood, Today, companies need a highly secure and flexible system to support their initiatives and for that system to grow and evolve tomorrow. The latest LinuxONE system is designed to support critical mission initiatives and enable companies to be innovative in designing and scaling their environment. LinuxONE III provides features for advanced data protection and privacy, enterprise resiliency and scalability, and cloud integration..

Designed for security, whether on premise or cloud (hybrid or non), with Hyper Protect encryption services and a solid foundation for continents with Kubernetes, you can use different versions of the Canonical system. Including Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or for those who want the latest technologies and features in Ubuntu, its version 19.04 (perhaps with the release of Ubuntu 19.10, it is also on this list).

LinuxONE III also supports Blockchain, multiple hybrid cloud and other features where interested parties can learn more by visiting patners.ubuntu or the IBM website. linuxone-ubuntu-linux-ibm-web-server-cloud-computer-site-service-kubernetes

Values ​​have not been reported, but given the level of equipment, it is presumed not to be something for mere mortals. However, for media owners and large companies, it can be a great solution.

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