IBM CEO chooses Tim Cook and advocates for tougher data protection laws

Little by little, the whole technology sector is embarking on the defense of the creation of new regulations regarding data protection and user privacy, especially in the United States.

Giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook have already expressed their support through a joint representative, and then Tim Cook has said in all lyrics that “the free market is not working” when it comes to protecting the privacy of consumers. customers of technology giants. Now one more big name is entering the cause.

The CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty, argued that technology companies need to follow more defined rules on how to deal with their users' data, citing the “irresponsible way some companies dealt with personal information” as a trigger for a “crisis of confidence” by users in the industry. of technology as a whole.

Ginni Rometty and Tim CookGinni Rometty and Tim Cook

Not to mention companies nominally, Rometty also stated that some need to be held responsible for the information they share, store and distribute especially those that offer platforms for public opinion (Facebook, we're looking at you):

We need new thoughts on responsibility. Collectively, dominant online platforms have more power to shape public opinion than television or newspapers ever had, and yet their regulations or responsibilities are very small.

The executive gave an opinion on the subject at a conference in Brussels (Belgium), where she was accompanied by several high-ranking names from the European Union; she is expected to travel across the continent and hold meetings with EU privacy chief Vera Jourova and other influential figures in the area of ​​security and technology ie her opinions are strong on the continent where user privacy regulations are already more severe.

via Cult of Mac