IBM buys Red Hat for $ 34 BI, largest acquisition in software history

After strong rumors that surfaced last week, the rumors came to fruition, and Red Hat was sold to IBM, which paid $ 190 for the red-hat company. If nothing gets in the way and no unforeseen events occur, the purchase will be completed in the second half of 2019.

Red Hat is a technology company that offers several services including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), which pays, and Fedora, which is free and supported by the community. The company also sells solutions for virtualization, support and cloud computing.

IBM is currently the third largest cloud services company in the market, second only to Microsoft and Amazon in terms of revenue.

Red Hat today provides a wide range of services to IBM rivals, including Google and Amazon, but according to IBM they want to continue building and enhancing these partnerships going forward.

About the acquisition, Red Hat CEO and the IBM chief gave the following statements:

The acquisition of Red Hat is a game change. This changes everything in the cloud market. IBM becomes the number one provider in the hybrid cloud world, offering companies the only open cloud solution that will unleash the full value of the cloud for their business.. says Ginni Rometty, head of IBM.

Joining forces with IBM gives us a greater level of scale, resources and capabilities to accelerate the impact of open source as the foundation for digital transformation and bring Red Hat to an even wider audience – preserving our unique culture and Red's unwavering commitment. Hat. With open code innovation. We barely scratched the surface of the opportunity before us. The open code the future of corporate IT. We believe our total market will be $ 73 billion by 2021. If the world is consuming software – and with digital transformation taking place in every industry, and indeed it is – open code is the key ingredient. said Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat.

Not surprisingly, as has happened with the sale of GitHub to Microsoft, it has some suspicious-looking people from within the community who think IBM may be up to something to hurt or even end the Fedora project. But there are also people who find this very beneficial and still hoping that this partnership is very right, as it would be more money for Fedora.

The opinion of the author (Ricardo)

I believe this backward movement tends to grow and even have more acquisitions in the near future, such as Google being able to buy Canonical and thus exploding Linux for desktops, using Ubuntu as the flagship and thus increasing acceptance of Population in general (I have already agreed on the games on Linux, it costs nothing to try us desktops lol).

The opinion of the author (Dionatan)

The big issue is that Red Hat is one of the top companies to have loaded Linux in the future, as well as Open Source software, a company passionate about the type of message that passes, the concern of the understandable community, however, usually when a large company Buying the other, there are two goals, to simplify, to use the technology developed for this company to gain more quality in its services and to continue to profit and expand.

Red Hat already has a large portfolio of customers who trust its services, something that has been achieved over the years and years of commitment and good service provided. IBM, now owner of the company, only has to gain from the expansion of the Red Hat brand. As I commented on Twitter in response to my friend Alfredo Heiss of OMGIt's too early to say what happens, but not as if we could interfere too, so we have to wait and cheer.

I found it important to gather some opinions about people who can do more than speculate, or at least speculate with more ownership, so I spoke with some friends of mine who work at Red Hat to get their opinions on the subject:

"We only know what everyone knows, the information we have comes down to what was published in the official media of the Red Hat.

In a strictly personal and individual opinion, I am optimistic, Red Hat's culture and values ​​are strong and the prospect of taking some of that culture into IBM! And besides, the cloud leadership landscape is very positive.

#RedWillStayRed!"comments Bruno Rocha – Quality Engineer – Red Hat.

Another important person to be heard right now is the nostalgic Jon Maddog Hall, (fan fact: I could sit next to him on a plane trip, the Open Source guy Santa, very nice people!), He wrote a beautiful text about the subject in Linux PRO Magazine, especially for the most alarmist, worth reading. Red Hat never seemed to me like a company that would be let down without ensuring that the Open Source values ​​they cultivate so much were respected in the end whoever lives to see! The complete spindle should still take a long time. For those who want to see the official note from IBM, follow the link.,

Now tell us in the comments what you think of this purchase and if it will be beneficial or not for Red Hat and Fedora.

Until next time and a big hug.


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