Ibirapuera Park wins its first application

Ibirapuera Park wins its first application

After getting tired of doing check-ins in hospitals for leading a sedentary life and starting to lead a healthier one, as I even reported here , one of the places I frequent the Ibirapuera park, O "Central park de So Paulo ”(yes, I am paulisssstaaaa mine!).

The park is undoubtedly one of our postcards, a great place to run, ride a bike, rollerblade, skate and practice sports in general, as there is a lot of equipment available around it. One of the things I do most often, usually on the same route on the central track, but sometimes I decide to change the route and I am surprised how I come across new situations, picnics, tribes, cosplay, cultural events not for nothing, the park has more than 1500 km, it is very difficult to explore everything alone without a script.

Sorry, app not found.

Thinking about it, Globo (the one from “Plim Plim”) gave as a gift to the visitors of Ibirapuera Park an app that helps to explore his events, curiosities, cultural agenda and also function as a social network to mark events like a walk or ridebike (you can indicate that you are going to do or that you have already done a certain thing, encouraging other people).

So that users can filter their choices, the activities are divided into ten categories: sport, nature, culture, well-being, play, history, challenge, food, knowledge and people. The possibility of publishing photos completes the dynamism and interactivity of the application.

I found the idea very interesting and, as a visitor to the park, I recommend that you download Meu Ibira to explore the possibilities further. However, as I say, it is not all flowers; I confess that I found the experience of using the app a little confusing (I'm really boring about UX (user experience) from mobile apps), the indications of "I want to do" and "I did" are not so intuitive, but it is worth trying anyway. Although it was a gift to the city, a company the size of Globo is able to invest a little more in apps with its users in mind.

Download and make your compliments, criticisms and suggestions, as it is something so useful for users of the park I believe that Globo can analyze them and maybe release an improved version until the next anniversary of Ibirapuera (I, as a user, at least I hope so) ). And whoever is in So Paulo or comes to visit the park will take a walk or run soon, who knows, maybe we will meet by the app?