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I will leave Linux!

I think we all know that life made of cycles and one day that moment would come, now know why I am going to leave Linux.

Good Bye Linux

Why am I leaving Linux?

Computer user for over 20 years, since DOS time, I have always used the proprietary operating system, that one, Windows, known as Windows.

Well … in 2010 tired of using it, and its constant problems, regardless of the version I had in hand, I thought to change. Well, it's no nicer than switching to a competing system, except I didn't want to spend a fortune on equipment and software. So I decided to build my new machine (as I always did) and install the famous Linux, which I had tried once, had already seen his face.

Very well. Sa, I went to the usual hardware vendors, bought what I needed for a good machine, came home, built my computer, and in the end, was happy with the result.

Now I just needed to install the necessary software, but I left it for the next day, because it always took a lot of work, with a great deal of time and money.

Next day, software discs and let's get started. Suddenly the doubt came: And if I do not like or can not use … better install the owner just in case. So that's what I did. I lost more than a whole day installing Operating System; the video, sound and network drivers; system updates; office suite; settings to improve performance; antivirus; etc., etc., etc .; phew, as always that darn job!

Now, let's install this Linux in the space that had left free on the HD, a new question arises: What distro? I took a look around the net and ended up choosing one, Ubuntu from Canonical.

I took a few deep breaths, after all the other one had already given me a lot of trouble … I opened the DVD player tray, put the disk in, partitioned the free space … and started the installation. As things had always been so long, I thought it best to go for a coffee and a cigarette.

I came back after a half hour, waited about 15 minutes and a message came up to remove the disk. OK, I removed, rebooted the system (now dual-booted) to see what happened. And as if by magic, my machine went up in Linux, with sound, video, network, office suite, and a whole bunch of things.

Since then I use Linux, do LibreOffice index book translations and generate their PDF with just one click, ventured a little into C ++ with QT4, create my CDs with Gedit hand made HTML pages, and how I have other machines in At home, I did a lot of experiments with other distros to see what was going on. I used a live CD, installed it, removed it, sometimes managed to screw up the whole system, but one thing caught my attention, all the distros used have always gone up since the first time with video, sound and network running good.

I told some friends, and even convinced a few to abandon proprietary software. But I still kept my machine dual-boot, even because I paid for all those licenses. Anyway, we all learned how to use Penguin pretty quickly. In fact, the one who took the longest to learn to use was my oldest daughter. Which is kind of funny, since she's under 35, I'm over 60 and one of my friends is 80, and it took me a few hours to teach him how to use what he's always used, the basics, that is, the Internet, Writer, read and write email in Thunderbird. Anyway, nobody wants to go back to Microsoft. Because, all this my circle of friends and family, I realized that, in one way or another, today everyone uses something like Unix.

Strange last statement no? It turns out that the vast majority of current equipment use some type of Operating System. Also fact that Apple uses a Unix-derived system, at least that's what Steve Jobs said in an interview: My system its X. So what we currently have, the world divided into two types of operating system, that of Microsoft and Unix derivatives such as Linux and Apple. And we all know that almost all smartphones are Linux, since they use Android, while the other large portion of them use the Apple (iphone) system.

U … but will you leave Linux ?! Of course I will, after all before using it I could always spend a whole day installing the system, or get angry, with the locks that the system can give, with the slowness caused by excessive temporary files, the slowness that every antivirus causes, spend time scandisking and defragmenting the hard drive.

Already Linux, a bore, he refuses to hang out of nowhere, does not need defragmentation, does not use antivirus, never gave me a blue screen of death. The final drop was when I switched my hard drive to a bigger one and put the old one on a different machine, I hoped he couldn't get the system up, I had to format it. But the cheeky, not only climbed as he did not care about the different hardware, the bad guy just worked. It forces me to have time for my children, friends, my granddaughter, my hobbies, trips, and so on.

I miss the blue screen, the defrag, the viruses … Only unfortunately, my granddaughter saw the title of this text and said to me: V, if you will ever be sitting back in this chair like before, formatting machine, taking viruses and, spending the night without sleep to settle, no time for family or anything. I swear I'll tell my mom and we'll take you to the psychiatrist !!!

Given this, I have no alternative, I have to continue using Linux. I know it's boring, but stuff your face with worse psychotropics. However, I will continue to miss the blue screen of death, the automatic reboot when the system was updating in the background, etc., etc., etc. Oh shame, goodbye Microsoft, I'll dream about you.

The above text has been written by our reader Luiz Carlos de Mello and will surprise you and have fun, nothing written here represents the opinion of the blog Diolinux, this is a space that we open to readers whenever we can, as several others have done, if you want to participate by submitting your article too, Just get in touch.


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