I want to like launchers for Android, but I can't!

I want to like launchers for Android, but I can't!

The launchers for Android are fascinating. Many of them are creative and make our devices receive a unique personalization. Personally, I would like to love them unconditionally, but some features in almost all launchers make me unable to.

Incomplete and full of advertising

Who has never downloaded an incredible-looking launcher, full of unique themes, wallpapers, and suddenly found that all these features would need to be downloaded separately? Well, it feels just the same as buying a LEGO box and then finding out that half of the pieces aren't included.

Of course, not all launchers are like that, but personally, I'm less attracted to options that don't bring the full customization package. It is bad when the offer does not match what is offered in practice.

androidpit android launcher buzz launcher 1
Bloatwares and the need to download everything separately / ANDROIDPIT

Perhaps the worst part is how much bloatware these launchers carry. As we can see in the image above, Facebook and YouTube are good apps, but who actually uses BlackBerry Messenger? Or rather, why should a launcher bring any pre-installed apps or shortcuts?

In fact, this is the secret advertising that plumbs the device world. Manufacturers and developers strike advertising deals with certain companies and try to push services and software to users, even if it's feature-based in a launcher.

The cone pack never comes complete

Imagine that you are sitting riding a wonderful 600 piece jigsaw puzzle that has a blue bird as its main plan. For some reason you have 100 pieces left to complete the whole drawing. From this is the question: why didn't those 100 pieces come in the box?

So we come to another problem with launchers, or rather the inconvenience that comes with most additional cone packages. These packs are always better than the system's own icons, drawing attention to the innovative design and contributing to the personalization of the device.

androidpit android launcher buzz launcher 3
The cones on my device (left) didn't match the one suggested by the cone package (right) / ANDROIDPIT

But, there are always missing cones in the package. It is common for some specific app or service to be left out, as many designers have not adapted the icon pack style with all the applications a user may have. One or two are left out and in the end, the personalization of the device is compromised.

Performance and battery are usually affected

I may be a little paranoid, but whenever I use a launcher on my device I realize that system and battery performance are compromised.

Of course, many launchers speed up the device interface as a whole, especially when the OS is overloaded by some interface – hi, TouchWiz! However, I have with me that the battery and RAM always end up paying for the use of the launcher.

androidpit android launcher buzz launcher 5
Beautiful launcher, but look at RAM / ANDROIDPIT memory

Is it worth using a launcher on Android?

Of course, not all launchers can be included in these considerations that we present in the article. Particularly, the options that Google Play tests have always let me down in those regards. Now I want to know about you: do you use or recommend custom launchers?

What experiences have you had with launchers on Android? Do you really use it?

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