I used Google Maps wrongly and perceived

I used Google Maps wrongly and perceived

Recently I discovered he was using Google Maps in a limited way, a bit wrong. For a long time I just put the destination address and use the navigation feature. Would that be my mistake? Not at all, but there are other ways to use Maps that improve our experience with this app so completely.

Expanding my choices within Google Maps

I usually hang out on weekends with my friends and family, and we use Maps to get to the places we choose. After some time away from home, I always get hungry and usually look for a restaurant using Google search in Chrome. So I identified the wrong custom, as Google Maps has numerous resources for searching for restaurants, bars, and other establishments around. That way, I can use the same application more quickly and comprehensively.

google maps local next establish
Places near the address / AndroidPIT

One way to find nearby points of interest (such as restaurants) is through the Explore Nearby feature, which appears when you position your current location on the map. A bar with the heading "Food / Drink near you" appears in the bottom corner of the screen. Just click and see the options.

Restaurants in Maps display their operating schedules, in addition to social and networking sites. If you liked one, simply select it and Maps will automatically route you from your current point to the address of the selected location. In addition to this type of establishment, it is possible to consult gas stations, pharmacies and convenience stores.

Making the most of Street View

I was traveling to Iceland recently. During the process of choice of my fate, I turned several times to Google Maps. In it, I got a better sense of the place through Street View, which brought me more consistent impressions of the places I wanted to see, going beyond the images. I could have a different perception of what awaited me.

It's pretty simple to use Street View. You just need to search for the address in the top search bar and click on the square that appears on the left side of the map at the bottom. If the same in appears, click the red location symbol that works.

google maps download offine new tips
Street View and download the map for offline use / AndroidPIT

possible go anywhere with Maps using the navigation and, above all, the Street View a strong complement to this experience, if not the main factor in choosing a particular destination. Also remember that it is possible to download the map to use it in situations when you are without internet. The most interesting here View works in the area downloaded by the user. Just click "More Information" and then choose "Download."

Location Sharing on another level

Google Maps sharing great. Before I met with some people on time to solve things work, but now I can keep my appointments on time and more spontaneous way with the sharing feature that was perfected, allowing to send photos directly from the app.

google maps sharing location
Real-time Maps Sharing / AndroidPIT

It's easy to use, just position your location on Maps and click on the menu at the top right of the app. You can send your location to WhatsApp contacts and other messengers, including Gmail. It is also possible to share the location in real time so that another contact can follow my route through their Google Maps. a way to share the location, but on another level.

How do you use Maps? Which feature do you like best?

This article was written with Bruno Salutes editor, the AndroidPIT.BR

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