I present my collection of iProducts

I present my collection of iProducts

per Wilsians Humphreys

Hello, guys! My name Wilsians, I am 18 years old, I was born in the capital of the State of So Paulo but I currently live in Sorocaba, in the countryside. Like many of you I am one Applemanaco and I would like to share with you today my collection of iProducts.

I am a born collector, so before Apple I made collections of magazines, coins, DVDs, carts, video games and more. But this is certainly the biggest, the best and the one I treat with the most affection. I gathered below information, curiosities and * many * photos!

So get ready and enjoy this timeline and my story in the world of Apple


It all started in 2009, when I was just 14 years old. My father gave me my first cell phone, a 32GB iPhone 3GS. * OMG * My first cell phone was already a “monster”, and I hardly knew how to handle it.

iPhone 3GS from Wilsians

“Do you need a marker? Where's the battery? ”

In 2010 Apple launched the iPhone 4 and, incredible as it seems, I managed to be the first in Sorocaba to buy one. At 9 o'clock in the morning I was at the TIM store, I was congratulated, they took pictures and everything. But even I was still a “normal” guy, just changing cell phones.

Wilsians iPhone 4

iPhone 4 (2010) and iPhone 4S (2011)


That same year, during the holidays, I went to Paraguay! It was there that I came across this beauty: a 160GB iPod classic.

iPod classic from WilsiansiPod classic from Wilsians

At the time, I found this iPod “grotesque”, outdated. I bought more to use as an external HDD, but look: I was already forming a family!

That's what I thought: I'm going to put together a collection of iPods. I started my journey after rare, new, old products, etc.

Original Wilsians iPod

What do you see above the original iPod, in its second generation (with touch wheel), 20GB. probably the most rare, fat and heavy of all a “grotesque” and yet polished jewel. It was a revolution in the music market and the opening of a new era for Apple.

Original Wilsians iPodOriginal Wilsians iPod

His thickness is amazing! And that iPod still didn't use the 30-pin connector, but a FireWire port.

Look at his difference next to an iPod nano:

Wilsians iPods

Here, my entire family of classic iPods from 2001 to 2007:

Family of classic Wilsians iPods

This is the third generation iPod, released in 2003:

iPod of third generation of the Wilsians

It has a 10GB capacity, a backlit screen and was the first to incorporate the famous 30-pin dock connector, allowing it to become compatible with PCs as well. It was he who started the mass popularity of iPods.

Soon after, in 2004, the fourth generation iPod won the famous Click Wheel:

4th generation iPod from Wilsians

It had versions of 20GB and 40GB and its battery reached 10-12 hours of autonomy.

In 2005, the iPod came with video support and the special edition of U2:

iPod video and Wilsians U2 editioniPod video and Wilsians U2 edition

It arrived to counter Steve Jobs' old comments (that no one would like to see videos on iPods) and was also thinner, with a bigger screen. The band's edition had autographs of the members at the rear and a very distinctive front look, with black and red colors.

This one was the first iPod nano:

First Wilsians iPod nanoFirst Wilsians iPod nano

Launched in 2005, it was the first iPod to use flash memory (and hard disk). Therefore, it had its capacity greatly reduced initially to 2GB or 4GB. It already had, however, even a color screen.

Here is the second generation of nanos:

Second generation iPod nano by WilsiansSecond generation iPod nano by Wilsians

At that time he won a new aluminum housing, with a feeling of being more resistant, and the option of various colors. It was already up to 8GB in capacity.

Comparing your first generation of iPod nano:

First two generations of Wilsians nano iPods

Here, the first iPod nano next to the original iPod:

Original iPod and Wilsians' first nano

Now, to the “chubby”:

iPod nano third generation, from WilsiansiPod nano third generation, from Wilsians

This is the third generation iPod nano, which landed in 2007. It came with a refurbished look, new colors and video support. It was a big fever, both in the United States and in Brazil.

Unfortunately (still?) I don't have the fourth generation iPod nano, so let's skip to the fifth one for 2009.

iPod nano 5th generation, from WilsiansiPod nano 5th generation, from Wilsians

Probably the most popular iPod nano of all time, certainly a giant to beat! It was the first to have a built-in camera, pedometer was very thin and had a beautiful widescreen screen. Available in various colors, with versions of 8GB and 16GB.

In 2010, Apple radicalized:

Sixth generation iPod nano from WilsiansSixth generation iPod nano from Wilsians

For the sixth generation of iPod nano, Apple eliminated its Click Wheel and the camera (even supporting video playback), giving way to a supercompact design with touchscreen. It was the one that became popular mainly being used as a watch, thanks to several accessories that popped up in the market.

Now, my “big-little”:

Wilsians shuffle iPods

Yes, just iPod shuffle; irresistible, beautiful, nice small in size, but big in what they do!

They are in all four generations: 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010.

Wilsians shuffle iPodsWilsians shuffle iPods

They provide an alternative way of listening to music and are perfect for lovers of running and gym, especially for those looking for maximum portability.

See, if it doesn't look like Apple took the fifth generation iPod nano and "cut" it in half, generating the sixth generation iPod nano and the fourth generation iPod shuffle?

Play with Wilsians iPods

We cannot forget, of course, the mini iPods:

iPod mini from WilsiansiPod mini from Wilsians

Originally launched in 2004, it preceded the nanos and marocu the first line of colored iPods. Still used HDD, with a single version of 4GB.

Compare the iPod mini next to its smaller brother, the nano:

iPod mini next to the Wilsians nano


The history of iPods is very big, so I wanted to give them a greater prominence in this post. But in my collection I still have * all * iPhones, an iMac G3, a MacBook Air 2012, an iMac 2011, an Apple TV, various accessories, * all * iPod touch, a first generation iPad, an iPad 2 and the newest member of the family, an iPad mini.

Wilsians iPhonesWilsians MacBooks

Wilsians MacBooksApple TV from the Wilsians

Check out a complete overview of the current collection:

Complete collection of iProducts from the Wilsians

Click / tap to enlarge.


I will leave more stories and curiosities for another day; I hope you enjoyed it! And, oh, here's the tip: before you throw your iPod away, don't forget that it may one day be “worth” $ 25,000.