I discovered Apple Watch now – and it looks like the world too

per Fernando Boselli

The text is long. But it is also a much more emotional than technical report about a product that has been winning me more and more. It is a sincere text, from someone who wants to share the experience of using an Apple product. If you’re willing, go ahead.

I consider myself a Applemaniac convinced. I’ve been more, I confess. Much worse – those who buy blindly, with their eyes closed, any iThing for Apple to launch. Today I’m more responsible. So much so that I only purchased my first Apple Watch (a space gray Series 3) in July of this year, on the eve of the device turning four years old since its first appearance, in September 2014. Amazingly, gentlemen, it has been four years since are you there!

At the time of its launch, in the beginning of 2015, I did not acquire one waiting for more reviews and tests – and I think mainly because it does not provide independence in the practice of physical activities such as walking and running, since it did not have its own GPS and depended much more of the presence of the older brother (the iPhone) than today. “What sense does it make for me to go jogging in the park with an Apple Watch if I have to take the ‘clumsy’ iPhone ‘with me?”, I wondered. I was also a little relieved that I didn’t have to pay a few thousand reais for a new purchase. Ufa! ?

Not to mention battery autonomy, which many complained of not being able to handle until the end of the day after, say, more intense use. However, there was one thing that bothered me even more at that time: the fact of having to deal with one more iThing in my Apple trinket “portfolio”: one more cable, one more charger, one more device for us to see if it’s loaded, one more device to take on the trip… in short, more problems and more worries in a world where everything we don’t want is more of it all.

And so it was. I managed to remain immune to the Apple Watch for all these years, to the point of forgetting its existence and not even paying much attention to the presentation keynotes for the part reserved for the pet. How many times, when entering an Apple Store during trips or even at the Brazilian point of sale, I would pass directly / indifferently in the section reserved for the watch. Who would say!

More of the same, only more

Here comes the fateful day of the acquisition of my first Apple Watch. Yes, I say first because once you have bought one you are making the commitment that you definitely incorporated one more iDevice to his fleet – and that he will be exchanged for others in generations to come!

I was a little bad before “signing the check” when buying it, since I had been bravely resisting for the past three years to buy it simply on impulse. “What does he do that my iPhone doesn’t already do?”, I thought, before pressing the confirm on the vendor’s debit machine. Ready! It was already done. I just bought a 42mm space gray Series 3 Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 3

in Apple

Cash price: from R $ 2,339.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 216,58Sizes: 38mm or 42mmColors: diverseLaunch: September 2017

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It only took one day to incorporate it into my routine. And my suspicion proved to be true: today it is still not indispensable; but it’s amazing! So much that, since the acquisition, I have not stopped using it one day! Its subtlety in relation to notifications, when receiving calls and in so many other common situations, is remarkable. And anything is there, on the wrist, at your disposal. It is your companion. Just take a look.

An icon was born, a symbol

September 2014. Apple event to present iPhones 6 and 6 Plus. But what really stole the show was the announcement of the arrival of the new member of the Apple family, the Apple Watch – I think it was one of the best “One more thing…” of recent times.

One of these days, I was reviewing the presentation video. Which video! In my opinion, one of the most impactful of a new product I have ever seen – surely, one of the most striking moments in this “post-Jobs” Apple. If you don’t remember, didn’t see it, or just want to watch it again, just play below:

The level of work on the Watch is impressive. The mastery of the material that Apple had in preparing the watch and the gigantic work involved in its design; the amount of technology that is there, embedded in that small device; the varied range of bracelets and their very well designed fittings… just fantastic! The details, the design, the screen and the buttons.

The balcony of Digital Crown – an element that has always been present in watches – and its contemporary reinterpretation taken to a digital version that is the main element of interaction with Watch. Simple. Direct. Great.

The introduction of Force Touch as a way of interacting with the operating system interface and its tactile feedback, which was born in Watch, and would be taken to the iPhone and Macs (by the trackpad) only the following year.

The watch was a pioneer in many things, which reminds me of the famous video of Steve Jobs in the graduation speech of a class at Stanford University. The famous phrase of connecting the dots, in a direct reference to things we do in life without knowing why or reason, but that put in perspective already ahead, lead us to believe that much of what we do today and that seems without years later, they calm us down and make us realize that there is a reason and a reason for everything. It was like that with the Force Touch, later renamed 3D Touch on iPhones and iPads.

All of this makes the Apple Watch an iconic piece, a symbol. The choice of its shape and the rectangular screen makes it recognizable in any situation and under any circumstances. It has the essence of the analog clock in a digital smart watch. Bingo!

The infamous smartwatch is already going into its fourth generation and, due to the image leaked last week, its design will not change dramatically – just a few improvements here and there. Do you want a better sign that something is going “very well, thank you”?

The clock breaks even Apple’s product development cycles. I don’t remember one device that has survived four generations with practically the same external shape and the same look. It is also interesting to remember that Watch was the first new product from Apple to be fully developed and announced after Jobs’s death.

Everything was there since the beginning and we didn’t know. THE Digital Crown, the “hive interface” of the application icons, the interaction with Siri, the Force Touch, Apple Pay …

Maybe all of that was too much for us to absorb in 2014; perhaps more controversial at the time was the controversial design of the iPhones 6/6 Plus and its stripes / antennae of questionable taste. Perhaps the absence of internal GPS and the strong dependence on the presence of an iPhone were more evident; or, the battery with not so impressive duration or the absence of applications. But, again, it is undeniable that everything was there and we didn’t know. Or pretended he didn’t know. From the start.

I would risk saying that the Apple Watch was launched ahead of its time and that we were not prepared for it at that time.

It’s all about style and personalization

Unlike what happens with Macs, iPads and iPhones, we use Watch. It is not in our backpack or purse, nor in our pants pocket – nor on the sofa, nor on the table, sideboard or nightstand. It is with us, on our wrist. The whole day!

We started to establish a close relationship with the device that inhabits our arms daily. The dos dos wearables, in addition to complementing the functions of our cell phones, they are items that, in some way, are part of our look and the way we dress.

New Apple Watch straps

Will you participate in a more formal event or appointment? Put on a more classic leather bracelet or some more traditional metallic model. Going to the gym, running on the street or in the park? Go with a sport bracelet, more colorful, informal and fun. The Apple Watch opens up a whole range of accessories that relate much more to the world of fashion than to gadgets.

At this point, I feel “sorry” for my iPhone, which is increasingly hidden and alone in my jeans pocket. In the last few days I have given so much attention to the new member of the family that the smartphone has gone increasingly unnoticed. With so many possibilities for bracelets and dials, the Watch is a true “chameleon device”, which, depending on the occasion, takes on several faces, to the point that it seems that we have different watches inside one. Point to Apple!

A welcome redundancy – he walks alone

You know that way out to go to breakfast at the bakery on a Saturday morning, without your wallet? You know that quick trip to the fair to buy a pastry? Do you know that day when you wake up and remember that you forgot to put your iPhone to recharge before bed? So, all of this is now possible, thanks also to the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular model. It is already conceivable to accept to spend an entire day without having the iPhone in our pockets.

When the cell phone version of the device was presented, in September last year, I thought it was a bit unnecessary – “freshness”, even. But now we realize how much this fact can make a difference. The clock is beginning to mature, it is no longer a baby. He’s starting to walk alone. So much so that some accessories, such as AirPods, for example, are already beginning to be publicized much more as an Apple Watch than an iPhone accessory. Advertising pieces and some commercials are already exploring this new aspect that the watch has taken on very well.

When you have an Apple Watch on your wrist, Apple Pay will never be used on an iPhone again. Does anyone doubt that? It looks like Apple Pay was born for Watch!

It makes a lot more sense to use Siri on a device that doesn’t have a virtual keyboard for short replies to messages, for example. I’m starting to understand the Apple Watch – and it looks like the world too. It took us four years to do that.

It is no coincidence that the watch is selling like never before, with a 37% jump in sales in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the same period last year. Apple dominates the smartwatch market, grabbing the biggest slice of the pie compared to other brands.

They have already discovered what it is for

Anyway, it looks like the Apple Watch has found its mission in this world. And notice that I didn’t even mention its use for health, something that is consolidating more and more. The accuracy of your heart rate monitor and other sensors combined with an ever-increasing range of types of physical activities and exercises available in the apps make you the ideal companion!

Imagine all these resources in the health area – and look that we don’t even know what news we will have in the new versions that will be announced on the 12th – and also the possibility of being able to make calls regardless of our phones, reply to messages, view emails, listen to music per streaming, shopping, and a host of other things. Who said the clock was useless?

Sorry, Apple Watch, for underestimating you for so long. My sincere apologies!