I chose Facebook Messenger over WhatsApp. Learn why

I've been using WhatsApp obsessively for years, but it's time to give it up. I am trading WhatsApp for Facebook Messenger. Yes, I've been using Messenger for a long time, and Facebook owning both, but that's an important decision nonetheless. If messaging apps are the future of mobile technologies, WhatsApp, at least for now, is the most important app in the world. See why I decided to make the switch.

When I started using Messenger and why I stopped

I started using Messenger in 2007 when it was still only available in version web from Facebook. I studied at university and the world was a very different place. The first iPhone had been launched on June 29 of that year and no one I knew had a smartphone. Apps were something that only installed on PCs.

Facebook was still new and used only in university social circles. For context only: the ability to chatter People using '@' s was introduced in September 2009.

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My first contact with Messenger was a long time ago / ANDROIDPIT

Facebook Messenger was launched on August 9, 2011. By then, Facebook had already exploded in popularity as a social network and work tool, so a dedicated messenger made sense. However, I was still happy to use the embedded version of the Facebook app.

Jumping into April 2014, Facebook did something extremely annoying: It closed Messenger embedded in the main app, forcing millions of people to download an extra app just to use this function. I was one of the people who didn't want to download an extra app just to keep talking to some people, so I didn't download it.

When WhatsApp arrived, it took over my life.

My relationship with Messenger began in Australia, where I grew up. At the time of boom Messenger's popularity, most people texted, thanks to plans that included unlimited text and messaging. But everything changed when I moved to Berlin, Germany.

Like much of Europe, the app of choice was WhatsApp, mainly because of the virtually unlimited amount of messages it allows to send.

So, less than a week after I moved, I took the native text messaging app from my main screen and replaced it with WhatsApp. And that has been his place so far. WhatsApp has been the app I've been using the most for over two years.

In fact, I recently wrote that WhatsApp can even replace Android as a mobile platform. Most of my friends today live in a world from which WhatsApp is an essential part, and it is not hard to understand why he is the most popular messenger in the world.

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Quitting WhatsApp was hard … / ANDROIDPIT

WhatsApp Messenger
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How Messenger came back scene

If my social habits have changed, my mode of digital communication has changed too. When I know one, the question about how we will keep in touch appears. And what is the answer every time? Simple: "Add me on Facebook".

Exchanging phone numbers a bit more work, so always the second option; And without a phone number, WhatsApp is useless. Now an increasing number of messages are exchanged by Facebook Messenger, which I decided to download after a long hiatus. Once Facebook began to be the main way to exchange contacts, Facebook Messenger started to earn even more out.

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Sending news to my colleagues to publish / ANDROIDPIT

Facebook Messenger
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Why I decided to drop WhatsApp

My conversations on WhatsApp started joining p. Even with new features being added – and video calls getting closer and closer – I was using WhatsApp less and less. How many of my friends did I chat with regularly on WhatsApp? Honestly, about two or three. Considering, if I know someone new and he is not in Messenger, how can we be friends?

OK, kidding, the reality is that I'm not using WhatsApp that much anymore. I like the app, it's just not as relevant to me as it used to be. I haven't decided to delete it yet, I'm just not actively using it anymore.

Maybe some AndroidPIT readers feel the same, maybe we have reached the WhatsApp pice. If we have reached it, I blame the old and outdated phone numbers. Names are more practical and easy to use for socializing, that's the truth.

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The more friends I make, the less I use WhatsApp / ANDROIDPIT

How will we choose messaging platforms in the future?

Everyone has their preferences for messaging platforms. Do you communicate with different people on different platforms? Yes, that's the beauty of choice within the Android ecosystem. Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, Hangouts … the longest list.

Know your options well, which ones you like best, the benefits of each and choose your favorite. But most important of all: have fun exchanging messages with your friends and family. This is more important than which platform you use to communicate.

Which platform do you use the most? WhatsApp used less and less?

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