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I bought an iPhone now what? #Tutorial and Tips

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Well, the purpose of this article is to try to clarify the main doubts that a new iPhone user.

Some things you may already know, some then I will explain many details, check out:

Yes the iPhone comes without a user manual so as a tip i will give you the manuel, read it it can be of great value,

Manuel (Manual): It is very important that you read every manual to learn how to move the iPhone. Download it here

After finally settling the latest doubts about your latest acquisition, the big time has come.

That device you so wanted is now in your hands and what seemed impossible happens again

Where to start?Create the itunes store account and start downloading applications, utilities and games, very little games!He gives preference to create his account in the american itunes store, because the apps are always released and updated there first, however the brazilian store already has a lot of content and there are reports of people who can live very well only with the made for brazil version. Well, that's the first decision you need to make. To create the Brazilian account, which is easier and more intuitive just follow the instructions in itunes in creating a new account. If you have an affinity for English, I recommend creating an account with the US store, although it is a little more complicated.

I know how everyone you can have that seemingly silly doubt that you usually don't know the answer to and shame trying to find out in the most unusual ways, right?

Worry no more, I will list below just some of the issues that usually freak out new iPhone owners like you, me or anyone, who even without admitting, have sure to ask you any of the questions listed below.

For all of us, let's get down to business

1. Cad the phone battery? I already turned the head box down and haven't found it yet.

Calm, the internal battery of the Iphone, and therefore, unlike other devices is not packaged in the phone case.

2. If the internal battery, where do I put the chip? I can't open the back of the device.

All right, you won't really make it. The chip should be placed in a drawer on top of the device.

To do this, look for a small hole located next to the headphone jack and use the pick that comes with the phone to open the drawer. In the absence of the pick, you can use a small paper clip or something similar to a needle.

3. How do I unlock the device screen? I already searched for the asterisk key, but found it nowhere .. In my Nokia used it, but now what?

Now you have to use the same key you used to turn on the device. Press it and move the slid / key that appears on the screen to the right side and the phone will be unlocked.

If you are using Voiceover, press the button and instead of dragging the key, double-tap the screen.

4. My Iphone came defective, only one speaker is working. What do I do, take it to the store or return it to the store where I bought it?

Neither, your Iphone is working the way it should, that is, the way Apple wants it to work, since it only has one speaker at all. The other hole is the microphone. You can be calm.

5. I am visually impaired and bought the iPhone to use it with Voiceover, however I can't activate it. What do I have to do to get it?

If you do not have the help of a psychic to activate it in the Accessibility menu, you can activate it through Itunes through the Configure universal access option in the Summary tab of your Iphone.

6. OK, I inserted the chip, I activated Voiceover, but now, how can I transfer my music to the device?

Use Itunes, while not as intuitive as it could be, perfectly accessible and relatively simple to use.

7. Okay, but can't I transfer my files directly to iPhone's internal memory the same way I transfer to my N95's memory card?

No, unfortunately not. The iPhone needs to be managed by Itunes, and this includes your contacts, emails, videos, music, ringtones, apps and any other media played by the device.

8. Great, got it. I have already transferred all my music to my Iphone, but I can't send it to another device via the Bluetooth connection.

Don't worry, unfortunately, the iPhone only allows the system to connect to headsets or handsfree kits. Data transfer is blocked until you use some unofficial method to unlock it.

9. I was able to import all my audio files, but I can't transfer my videos. What do I need to do to be able to transfer them to the device?

You need to ensure that they are in mp4 format, as it is the main video format used by the Iphone.

10. I converted my videos to mp4 via Itunes, but when I sync them they are muted. what did I do wrong?

In this case I do not know, but for some reason Itunes does not convert the other video formats as it should. Try using another software to convert your videos to mp4 before syncing them with Itunes.

11. I usually sync my Iphone with my notebook, but I would like to sync it with my Desktop. Can I synchronize it with both computers normally?

Usually no, but there are applications that allow you to synchronize it with more than one computer.

If you try to synchronize it with another PC, Itunes erases the existing data on the player to synchronize it with the library of the PC to which the iPhone is connected.

12. Can I install any other applications on my Iphone?

13. Where can I find the applications I want to install on my device?

Initially you can get them from the App store itself. L find the vast majority of apps developed for the iphone, in paid or completely free versions, however, there are other unofficial methods and places where you can search for other apps, but that will be for another time.

14. How can I access the App store?

You can access the App store in basically two ways, either through Itunes or From the device itself.

For both situations you need an account / registration in the referred store.

15. I heard the iphone wasn't filming. truth?

It was, until its 3G version. From the 3GS model to native firmware shooting, however, like most things on the iPhone, there are unofficial ways to allow the device to shoot other firmware versions.

Firmware and the way the operating system of the device known.

17. How do I know the version of the operating system, or better firmware of my Iphone?

In the Settings / General / About menu you will get this and many other information about your Iphone.

18. Can I use my Iphone to carry my files like a flash drive?

Perhaps. As I said earlier, there are unofficial methods of getting the iPhone to do everything it apparently doesn't. However, as it is configured it is impossible to use it in this way.

19. But if I can't access your internal memory easily, is the only way to transfer my iphone photos to my computer via Itunes?

No. In this case, you can use a folder created by Iphone on My Computer, or use the camera and scanner wizard to import your photos to your computer.

20. Can I manage my emails from my Iphone?

Yes. If you use Outllok for this, Itunes can still automatically sync your Email accounts with Iphone by simply selecting the account you want to use and entering your password.

21. How do I update the firmware version installed on my Iphone?

Update through Itunes. Whenever a new firmware version is available for your Iphone, Itunes will prompt you and ask you if you want to download the update, giving you two basic options: Download or download and install the available update.

22. If I have a problem with my Iphone how can I format it.

Whenever you have a problem that makes normal use of your Iphone impossible, you can reinstall the firmware on the device to force it to resume the original features of your operating system.

23. What are Cydia, Icy and Rock apps?

They are a kind of parallel / generic version of the Apple app store, which makes unofficial versions of apps available through the App store.

24. How do I access these generic stores?

In fact, it's not exactly stores, just apps that give you access to cracked app repositories. Thus, as they are a kind of applications, they need to be installed, which basically needs to be done by some Jailbreak method.

Jailbreak basically unlock or Hack the device. from it that cracked applications become accepted by the Iphone.

26. So if Jailbreak unlocks the Iphone, after I can use it any carrier?

Not necessarily. Jailbreak only unlocks the installation of unofficial apps, however, such as Unlock, which actually unblocking, also an unofficial app, Jailbreak is a prerequisite for its use.

Getting to the point: Free Apps! First the essentials that everyone should have: Facebook: Easy and intuitive interface to use facebook straight from your mobile phone! Highly recommended for anyone who uses the site. Twitter: Interface to the largest microblogging network today Skype: Free video chat and calls? Sign my name on the shopping list! With this software you can talk (and see) your friends who also have the program installed, all for free, just using data traffic. Youtube: Everybody likes! The mobile version is very simplified and goes straight to the point. Abobe Reader: The Iphone l PDF files natively, but the much more complete Adobe Reader as a reading program. I read many books using the iphone + adobe reader combo! Now the productivity and / or fun apps: Everlight Free: A flashlight! That may or may not be flashing! Whether to brighten a dark environment, blind a friend or play disco. This is an app that can save you from darkness eventually. Instagram: Take photos and allow instant application of various fun effects! It is possible to create an account on the site and spread the photo easily on social networks.Example of a photo taken on Instagram:(put image of my notebook) Google Earth: The mobile version of one of the best google apps. Pocket whip: Feel the Indiana Jones digital! Just rock the device like you're holding a whip and it makes the whipping sound! Very good to keep your girlfriend in line;) Battery life: Shows some interesting information and gives tips on how to use the battery frequently, use it frequently to monitor the usage. Four square: Tell people where you are or went! The phone itself has a GPS locator that will relate your position to the location. Many people like to tell where they are all the time … since I do not like this application very much, but widely used, it is worth testing;) If you have any questions that have not yet been addressed by this article, leave it in the space for comments, as surely they may also be the same as someone else, who like you and I may still be crawling on this new path towards knowledge Now let's know a little about the iPhone interface. Basic Functions:

Home Screen – Always press this button to return to Home Screen.

Home Screen the main screen where the device's applications are located.


With iPhone make a call so simple. You can do it just by tapping the display in your contact list.


With iPhone 3G you can download and browse 2.4X faster than iPhone 2G, anywhere and wirelessly.

Access the web with the included Safari browser. Add bookmarks and create a cone of any website on Home Screen.

Rotate it and the web page is landscape format.


The iPhone contains a 2.0, 3.0 camera that varies according to the version of the device, megapixels, where you can zoom just by tapping the screen, stretching your fingers. In addition to screen synchronization with landscape image resizing.

When browsing the web you have the option of saving some photo in the library and can set it as a wallpaper and share them via email.

By tapping the calculator icon, the device shows a simple application, with addition and subtraction. And by rotating it, it turns into a sophisticated scientific calculator with dozens of functions for solving mathematical and scientific problems.


Have you ever imagined watching your favorite videos on your mobile phone? With the iPhone you can.

Access YouTube by tapping the app's icons located on the Home Screen.


Check the weather forecast anywhere in the world, being able to add your city and know the forecast for the next 6 days. To add press "i" and search for your city.

Stock Exchange

Check the performance of buying and selling shares in the international market.


Forget the pen and paper! Quickly write down the information you think is important, and share it via email with other users.


IPhone 3G finds your location via GPS using Wi-Fi. With this function you can still enter a keyword from somewhere you want to go and be completely instructed to get to the site easily.


With the iPhone it's easy to make plans. Mark events on certain days by setting a custom alert for each day.


Control and listen to your music on a 3.5-inch Widescreen display and control them with the Multi-Touch feature. Browsing your albums in the digital library. It even has input for an external audio connection, for example, plug it into a speaker to amplify it.


Send text messages as if you were in a chat. Sending a message to more than one person at a time. In addition to the device memorize the frequently used words.


Buy your music with 3G technology by downloading it right away. You have the option of over 6 million songs.


Buy or Download for free from thousands of free games and apps right on your phone.

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