Hyundai and Honda announce new versions of the HB20 and Accord equipped with the Apple CarPlay

Last June Volkswagen launched its first car compatible with the Apple CarPlay Here in Brazil. Well now it's time for Hyundai and the Honda.

Honda Accord with CarPlayImage: Forbes.

THE informed that the renewed HB20 (which costs from R $ 38,995; Comfort) have the blueMedia media center as an optional item. According to them, it is compatible with CarLink, which supports both CarPlay (from next year) and Android Auto.

J o AutoSport said that the new Accord (2016 model), from Honda, has a 7-inch multimedia center with support for CarPlay and Android Auto. Currently the car is sold here in two versions, one for R $ 119,900 (2.4 engine of 175hp) and another for R $ 147,900 (3.5 V6 engine of 280hp).

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And since we’re talking about CarPlay, the 9to5Mac showed a little of what has changed in the media center of Apple with the arrival of iOS 9. Below, some comparative images and / or others that show news.

Apple CarPlay - iOS 9iOS 8 left; iOS 9 right
Apple CarPlay - iOS 9iOS 8 left; iOS 9 right new app Audiobooks
Apple CarPlay - iOS 9Browsing playlists
Apple CarPlay - iOS 9Listening to Beats radio 1
Apple CarPlay - iOS 9Listening to a podcast
Apple CarPlay - iOS 9Listening to an audio message
Apple CarPlay - iOS 9Receiving a reminder triggered according to the user's location
Apple CarPlay - iOS 9Point-to-point navigation (reporting traffic)

Very cool!

(tip from Daniel Lemos)

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