Hybrid desktop made up of iPad and iMac elements would be Apple's true “post-PC”

For the past few months, Apple has been pursuing patents on various elements of the construction of the iMac, its all-in-one desktop. However, based on recent findings from the Patently Apple, some inventions have brought indications about future improvements for these computers, aiming to adapt them to the “ps-PC” that Steve Jobs has already mentioned several times.

Hybrid iMac patent

Recently, two patents revealed in the United States have put this in perspective. The first one refers only to a method of assembling the front glass structure of the desktop, which is apparently used in current models. However, with this invention, a second patent was revealed with details of a structure also similar to that of the iMac, but associated with handhelds, which apparently would not be used for ordinary computers with a keyboard and mouse.

The most accepted idea is that Apple is building a hybrid desktop computer, based on interfaces designed for touch screens. The curious thing about this is that, until then, the company's vision about the future of the Mac does not include the creation of machines with multi-touch surfaces mounted directly on the screen: this has been under consideration for many years, but when the Mac OS X Lion was revealed , it became clear that Ma’s engineers worked on a system operated only by mice and trackpads with gesture support.

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